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Innovation in action

We have over 20,000 patents and a rich history of ground-breaking innovations – many of which have been adopted by organisations the world over. We know our brands well, and we know the consumers who use them.

We innovate for people and planet; for our consumers, for superior performance, for value for money, and for sustainability.

Here are just some of our recent innovations.

Cif's refilling bottle

Cif ecorefill

Developed by our SEAC, R&D, and Sustainability scientists, and made with 75% less plastic, this innovation allows you to refill and use Cif spray bottles over and over. It’s also 100% recyclable and has a ten times concentrated formula, meaning 97% less water is transported – which is an 87% reduction in trucks on the road.

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Plant-based mince

Plant-based foods

Innovation is a key driver of our business goals, a major one of which is to hit €1bn in sales of plant-based meat and dairy alternatives between 2025 and 2027. We are an acknowledged pioneer in being prepared for the shift towards plant-based proteins.

Learn more about plant-based foods

Dove body wash bottles' display

Dove innovations

Dove’s Body Wash is far cleverer than you might imagine. Whilst it’s designed to wash off, it also now acts as a moisturiser using our new, patented technology. It also comes in 100% recycled bottles, saving 20,000 tonnes of virgin plastic a year.

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Case study - Knorr

Knorr's veggie pack with zero salt

At Hive, our Foods Innovation Centre in the Netherlands, our experts re-invented the stock cube. Traditionally, salt has been used in stock cubes to form the cube’s structure, holding all the other ingredients together. By extracting vegetables, herbs and spices – plus meat for the chicken and beef – and mixing them with a little fat and ingredients that can create crystals, we created a stock cube that holds its own structure – all without salt.

Completely free from artificial colours and added MSG, and made with high-quality ingredients, including free-range chicken, beef from organic farming and sustainably grown vegetables, Knorr’s salt-free stock cubes are setting new standards for healthier cooking.

Visit Hive

Quix bottle ad

Partnering to get greener

The discovery of rhamnolipids, a renewable and biodegradable surfactant which creates foam and acts on surfaces in cleaning products, allowed us to create a new type of dishwashing liquid that’s effective, renewable and ultra-mild on skin. The first global launch of this innovative new ingredient was in Quix dishwashing liquid in Chile.

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Hellmann's vegan mayo display

Hellmann’s vegan mayonnaise

We’re introducing delicious vegan options to our Dressings portfolio. Our Hellmann’s team have expertly crafted a delicious egg-free, vegan mayo that’s also free of artificial colours and flavours and tastes as good as Hellmann’s traditional mayo.

Learn more about plant-based foods

Illustration of a Tresemme's shampoo bottle

Sulphate-free hair care

TRESemmé formulators have developed a sulphate-free range for consumers with coloured hair wanting a more natural hair care experience. Pioneering the end-to-end development, processing and supply chain for sulphate-free technology, our specialists have created new formulas for this iconic brand.

Learn more about plant-based foods

Reducing COVID-19 transmission with mouthwash technology

Mouthwash being poured into the lid

Our research has shown that a mouthwash containing CPC technology is effective in reducing the viral load of the virus that causes COVID-19 after 30 seconds of rinsing. The results of this test means that we have uncovered an additional preventative measure to the spread of COVID-19 – Please note: this should not be used as the only precaution against COVID-19.

Read more about our research

Omo box's illustration

Omo Dilute at Home

Our Dilute at Home Refill is a 3X concentrate formulation that has been developed to attack stains first time and reduce plastic waste. The innovation uses 50% less plastic in its 100% recyclable bottle and uses 70% less water during production.

Find out more about Dilute at Home

Magnum's White and Almond tubs displayed on a table

Magnum Tubs with recycled plastic

Magnum introduced recycled plastic to the ice cream aisle through its launch of tubs and lids made with recycled polypropylene plastic (rPP). The advanced recycling technology that makes this possible, transforms previously unrecyclable plastic waste into a valuable resource - the rPP waste can be re-processed infinitely.

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Rexona's roll on illustration

Sweatguard technology

Our R&D experts have formulated the world’s most powerful anti-perspirant deodorant with Defence+ technology. Specially formulated to keep you dry, it creates a micro shield that protects you from sweat for 96 hours. This new technology can be found in Sure, Rexona and Dove deodorant ranges.

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