Less salt

We want to keep reducing the amount of sodium in food - while keeping our products' great taste.

The challenge

A daily diet should contain no more than 5 grams of salt, according to the recommendations of the World Health Organisation. We want to help consumers meet those guidelines by reducing the amount of sodium in our food products – and we have already reduced salt by up to 25%.

We are looking for new concepts to help us reduce the sodium in our food by a further 15-20% - but without compromising the taste of our products.

Finding alternatives to sodium

We want open innovation to help us find alternatives to conventional salt. That might mean ingredients that provide taste without sodium – but it could also mean technology that helps us understand ways that consumers can experience satisfying taste while enjoying food with reduced salt levels. Solutions could be highly specific – a way to improve particular products or dishes – or could apply to the way people consume salt more generally.

What we're thinking

There are several areas where we are already exploring solutions and would welcome potential partners with new ingredients or technologies:

  • salt alternatives – including lower-sodium salts, alternative flavours, and sodium substitutes

  • technologies that address sensory and taste perception – by addressing salt receptors on the tongue, for example

  • tools and devices to help educate consumers about salt levels

  • methods that could be used in professional kitchens

What we need

For us to adopt new salt-reduction technologies or methods, they should:

  • enable a reduction in sodium of at least 20%

  • not involve artificial additives or e-numbers

  • not include currently available blends of potassium salts

Could you help us improve the diets of millions?

If you have a design or technological idea that could help us meet this challenge, we'd like to hear from you.

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