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Reinventing Food for Humanity

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We’re on a mission to inspire everyone to eat better for themselves and the planet.

We know everything on our plates has an impact on our health and the health of our planet. The good news? Small changes can make a big difference.

Our commitment to good food

We’re dedicated to great tasting food that makes a real difference. We've been on this journey for over ten years with 95% of our vegetables and herbs grown sustainably and we preserve the goodness of our ingredients through careful drying and flavour blending techniques.

Through our products and recipes, we’re inspiring everyone to eat food that is better for their health and the health of our planet with a wide variety of plants, more veggies and less meat.

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Eat for Good with Future 50 Foods

Knorr, together with WWF-UK (World Wide Fund for Nature), created the Future 50 Foods which outlines the food system issues and identifies 50 foods from around the world that we should eat more of because they are better for our health and the health of the planet. The list includes foods that are more widely eaten like wild rice and spinach and some that are less known including Bambara groundnut, moringa, and marama beans. With Future 50 Foods Knorr inspires people to Eat for Good by increasing the variety of foods eaten.

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How to change the way the world eats – insights from Future Food Leaders

Knorr, together with Food for Climate League have pulled together the insights from a two-part study with students who are passionate about food and studying at a Europe-based university that focuses on food, nutrition, and agriculture - namely Future Food Leaders.

Findings from this work can help design programmes that aim to make choosing and eating food that is good for people and the planet accessible, desirable, and cookable for all. While we don’t yet have all the answers, we hope that these findings will move the food industry one small step forward to shifting the masses to choose and eat good food.

Discover more about the Knorr Good Food Lab
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Knorr Regenerative Agriculture Commitments

We are launching 50 regenerative agriculture projects over the next five years to help drive the transformation in the way food is grown for the benefit of people and the planet.

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A passion for food

We have a passion for food, stretching back to 1838 when Carl Heinrich Knorr founded the company with a mission to bring better and more flavoursome food to our tables.

His deep interest in innovation pioneered drying techniques enabling the soup mixes and bouillon we know today. This passion for food and innovative approach are still the fundamental drivers of the brand.

A force for good

Knorr has the ambition to be a force for good and to get food that is good for people and the planet on 7 billion plates by 2025. This aligns with Unilever’s overarching purpose to make sustainable living commonplace.

Knorr has been working with suppliers and farmers to grow key ingredients following the Unilever Sustainable Agriculture Code for more than 10 years with 95% of vegetables and herbs sustainably sourced. The commitment is to get to 100% and to implement regenerative agriculture principles in the way 80% of key ingredients are grown by 2026.

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27,000 farming communities helped with sustainable practices

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A greener food future

As Knorr continues the journey to inspire people to Eat for Good, more plant-based products and recipes featuring Future 50 Foods will be on shelves and websites. Programmes, like the Recepedia Change the world by changing what’s on your plate platform, are helping people cook and eat meals that are better for them and the planet.

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More about Knorr

Check our local websites for more details about Knorr’s activities as well as delicious recipes, cooking ideas, hints and tips and tricks.

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Innovation and Knorr

As with all Unilever’s brands, our products and packaging developments are driven by innovation. Understanding food and nutritional needs allows us to innovate new and healthy products and we are always aiming to reduce packaging waste and increase the sustainable nature of our business.