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The Vegetarian Butcher

Unleashing the biggest food revolution of all time

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The Vegetarian Butcher

Join us in our food revolution to unleash all animals from the food chain!

The Vegetarian Butcher, also known as the only butcher loved by people and animals, makes vegetarian meat products. With the best plant-based meats, perfectly replicated in taste, texture and nutrition, we are paying a true tribute to tradition and craftmanship. For meat lovers, by meat lovers.

Powering plant–based in Burger King

We are proud to partner with the home of the Flame Grilled Whopper – Burger King. We were able to work together with Burger King on developing the plant-based version of their iconic Whopper burger. Now these burgers are sold all over the world: in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and South America. We did not stop there: we also added Plant-based Nuggets and Plant-based Long Chicken to the menu in selected countries.

Vegetarian Butcher Whopper with Burger King

We are not confused

In October 2020, the EU parliament was set to vote on the ban of names like ‘veggie burger’ for plant-based products. The main argument behind this proposal was to avoid consumer confusion. However, research shows that these terms provide important information for consumers when making purchasing decisions. It tells them these plant-based products offer similar taste experiences and functionalities to their animal-based counterparts. Therefore, The Vegetarian Butcher launched a visual petition to show the world that we – including our community – are not confused. Luckily, the majority of MEPs came to the same conclusion we had when we started The Vegetarian Butcher ten years ago: names like 'vegetarian burgers' are not confusing. A huge step to keep on accelerating our mission to unleash animals from the food chain.

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Creating the meat we love

The Vegetarian Butcher’s technology is patented and was developed in close collaboration with Wageningen University. The unique quality of our methodology is that our machines can be programmed to mimic any animal protein – chicken, beef, fish, pork, you name it.

All meat lovers, from carnivores to vegans who don’t want to miss out, are invited to the table.

Vegetarian butcher mincer

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More about The Vegetarian Butcher

Check out your local Butcher website for more details about our story and products, as well as our most beloved meaty recipes.

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