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Titanium dioxide

Small pile of white powder

Titanium dioxide is a white powder extracted from naturally occurring minerals. Sometimes referred to as TiO2, titanium white or CI 77891, it has been used for many years in a variety of different products including pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Your questions answered

What are the different forms of titanium dioxide in beauty and personal care products?

Titanium dioxide is produced at pigment grade or nano grade.

Pigment grade titanium dioxide is produced at a much larger particle size than nano grade. It is used as a colourant to whiten and brighten product formulations. Nano grade titanium dioxide is manufactured into very fine (nano) particles and is transparent and colourless. It is commonly used in sunscreens to provide effective protection from potentially harmful UV rays.

Is titanium dioxide safe?

Titanium dioxide is considered safe for use in cosmetics products by expert bodies around the world, including Europe's Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Nano grade titanium dioxide has been assessed by the SCCS and is approved by the European Commission for use as a UV filter.

Like all our products and ingredients, the titanium dioxide we use meets the highest standards for quality and safety, respecting all applicable laws and regulations as well as meeting our own safety assessments. Our scientists continue to review the latest scientific data and is confident that the titanium dioxide used in our products is safe.

Should I be worried about the use of titanium dioxide in my toothpaste?

No. The titanium dioxide we use in our toothpastes has been proven safe by health experts around the world. It is used in our toothpastes as a white colourant, in a non-nano form as defined by European regulations. It is an approved colourant in cosmetics, and we comply with all the regulations applicable to it.

Are there any alternatives to toothpastes with titanium dioxide?

A number of our toothpastes do not contain titanium dioxide, including some of our Signal products (Signal Bio, Signal Nature Element, Signal White System, Signal Kids (Baby & Junior), Signal White Now Detox, Signal Anti-Cavity), Love Beauty and Planet and Schmidt’s Naturals.

Are there any other products where you use titanium dioxide?

We use titanium dioxide as a colourant in some home care products, including in laundry detergents, dishwasher tablets and toilet blocks.

How do I know if a Unilever product contains titanium dioxide?

Titanium dioxide is often listed in the ingredients list on the product label when used in home, beauty and personal care products.

In beauty and personal care products, the ingredient is listed with its colour index (CI) number ‘CI 77891’. When nano grade titanium dioxide is used in our sunscreens, this is referenced as ‘titanium dioxide’ [nano] in the ingredients list.

In Home Care products, the presence of titanium dioxide is declared in line with local regulations, which can vary across the world. In some countries, titanium dioxide is not declared if only a small amount of the ingredient is used. In other countries titanium dioxide is grouped under ‘colourants’ in the ingredients list. In Europe, regulation requires all home care ingredients to be disclosed through a supporting website. You can find our product ingredient information page by visiting ‘What’s in Our Products’.

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