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Business function

Business to business

Chef preparing dish

It takes real passion and entrepreneurial spirit to lead the food service business, and that is just what we have achieved with Unilever Food Solutions. Our ingredients and services help professional chefs build profitable businesses and create great culinary experiences, and it is all thanks to our winning Business to Business team.

Customer development

Woman briefing factory workers

We care about sustainable growth decoupled from environmental impact, and the Customer Development team are a crucial part of that. Working with our customers, they are the pioneers of new products, and they predict and guide tomorrow’s shopping trends.


Unilever staff at desk

Sustainable business growth is only possible when you bring together the best talent, and that is what you will find in our Finance team. From Finance Business Partners to Accountants to the broad spread of specialists in Expertise Services, everyone works together to achieve their ambitions and build a better future at Unilever.

Human resources

Unilever staff meeting

Great people, great culture and growing sustainably. That is what we thrive on at Unilever, and it would not be possible without our exceptional HR colleagues, whose innovative approach helps us attract, develop and retain outstanding talent.

Information technology

Careers at Unilever

With more than 169,000 employees across the world, and with a digital presence that includes 2 million LinkedIn followers, Unilever’s success relies on a strong technological infrastructure and top-of-the-range IT products. That is why we look for the brightest, most innovative minds for our Information Technology team.


Unilever staff discussing

From business integrity to innovative patents, from partnership agreements to celebrity marketing contracts - everything that happens at Unilever happens because of the incredible business partnering and counsel provided by our Legal team.


Wall's vendor bikes

When it comes to having a professional impact, you cannot do much better than our award-winning Marketing team at Unilever. With over 400 brands, our reach makes us the world’s second-largest advertiser, creating some of the world’s most iconic campaigns, including Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty.

Research & development

Scientists examine test-tubes

If we are going to reduce our environmental footprint and increase our positive social impact, we need real innovation in our products, our packaging and our pipeline. Our incredible R&D team make that a reality, working on everything from reducing saturated fats to providing world-leading germ protection.

Supply chain

Twister ice-cream production line, Turkey

Our Supply Chain team bring expertise across eight areas: engineering, manufacturing, procurement, logistics, customer service, planning, quality, and safety. They go above and beyond to bring our products to market, and that is why we are Gartner’s No. 1 supply chain in Europe.

Sustainable business & communications

Woman holding a Global Goals sign

From employees to investors, journalists to job applicants, the Sustainable Business and Communications team are there to tell the world about our goals, our work, our products, and our purpose. They maintain our reputation, and they drive the business by spreading the word about our commitment, internally and externally.

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