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Research & development

“I have seen many first-hand examples of how Unilever encourages innovation and is excited to incorporate new technologies and cutting-edge research methods. I knew I was going to be pushed and challenged in this role and that I would not be sacrificing the excitement of discovery found in an academic setting.”

Lauren Eberly, Formulation Manager, Skin Care, Trumbull, US

“For people who have a passion for doing things differently, who think creatively, who want to use cutting edge technology to reinvent industry for the better, there is so much opportunity here.”

Paul Howells, VP - Packaging

“At Unilever, R&D works hand-in-hand with Marketing to creating fantastic innovations. Our science and technologies are used to unlock the benefits of the products that reach 2 million consumers each day. We truly make a difference.”

David Blanchard, Chief R&D Officer

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