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Unilever Leadership Internships Programme

Q & A

How are your internships structured and what is the duration?

Our internships and placements at Unilever can last anything from 12 weeks to a year, and the structure will vary depending on the department and country.

When do internships start?

We offer a variety of global internships, with start dates varying from country to country. To find out more, please check out your Unilever.com country website.

Where will I be based?

We offer internships across our global locations. Visit your local Unilever country site to view opportunities on offer.

What departments can I work in?

At Unilever, you can intern in a variety of departments, where you can gain experience and advance your skills. These include Marketing, Supply Chain, Research & Development, Customer Development, Finance, Human Resources, and Information Technology.

How do I apply?

We want to make sure that you find the best place for your expertise and background. Explore our site and read more about our departments to find out which area and which opportunities are right for you. Alternatively, if you have already made up your mind, you can head straight to our job listings to find opportunities currently on offer across our locations.

At Unilever, we are proud to help young students and graduates around the world acquire work experience to kick-start their careers. In some countries, internships are legally mandated. If you are in such a country, please contact your local Unilever office for more details about how you can apply for such an internship with us.

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