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Unilever Future Leaders Programme

Q & A

What is the Future Leaders Programme?

The Future Leaders Programme is Unilever’s graduate training programme; designed to bring graduates into functions across the business, giving them the hands-on training they need to progress their careers and become leaders in their respective fields.

How does the Future Leaders Programme differ from an entry level role?

Rather than a fixed position, our Future Leaders Programme sees you join a particular function, moving through a variety of rotations within that function. On occasion there is also the opportunity to sometimes experience working in other functions for a period of time. The placement can also include an international assignment.

What are the academic requirements to apply?

We require applicants for the Future Leaders Programme to have already graduated, or be about to. For most departments we accept Degrees of any discipline. For full requirements please refer to the scheme you are interested in.

How long does the programme last? How is it structured?

The programme lasts three years within the function of choice. During the first year, you can also include a placement outside the home function.

What are the job prospects for me at the end of the programme?

We designed the programme for future leaders and look to train our graduates to become managers at Unilever within three years.

Where will I be based?

The Future Leaders Programme is open to graduates across the world. Please visit your local Unilever career site to find out more about where you could be based.

What are the salary and benefits like?

To ensure all of our graduates feel supported, we offer a competitive localised salary and benefits package as part of the Future Leaders Programme.

What departments can I work in?

To shape your ideal career, our Future Leaders Programme is offered across Customer Development, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal, Marketing, Research & Development and Supply Chain.

Does my undergraduate degree need to be related to the department I choose?

Having a subject that is related to your chosen field is an advantage, but not completely necessary. First and foremost, we are looking for talented individuals who demonstrate a passion for the area of work, as well as strong analytical, leadership and communication skills. Some departments require particular degree disciplines, so please refer to the requirements for the scheme you are interested in.

I have heard of the Unilever Future Leaders’ League. Is it different from the Unilever Future Leaders Programme?

Yes. The Unilever Future Leaders Programme is our graduate training programme, whilst the Future Leaders’ League is an annual global competition, designed to help students build entrepreneurial skills, giving them hands-on experience. Find out more about the Future Leaders’ League at www.unileverfutureleadersleague.com.

Do I need to have management experience to apply for the Future Leaders Programme?

No. We encourage diversity at Unilever when looking for talented individuals and prior management experience is not needed.

When is the deadline?

This will vary country by country.

How do I apply?

The application process for the Future Leaders Programme involves four stages:

  1. Online application
    You will be able to apply online through the UFLP website or Facebook page. Once applications are completed, we will invite you to participate in the profile assessment via SMS and email.
  2. Profile assessment
    You will be asked to play 12 fun, scientifically-valid games, which should take no more than 20 minutes to complete. We will give you feedback on how you did and you will have the opportunity to share your views about the experience.
  3. Digital interviews
    We will ask you to take part in a one-way video interview over the Internet. If successful, you will be invited to attend a live, two-way webcam interview.
  4. Discovery Centre
    If your online interviews are successful, you will be invited to attend our Discovery Centre and take part in a day-long face-to-face event. After this, we will give you detailed feedback, regardless of the outcome.

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