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Learning & development

Learning & development

Here at Unilever we believe that to create a sustainable future and maintain long-term growth, people are fundamental to our success. From developing great leaders, to investing in learning – so that we achieve our vision – we do everything we can to create a skilled, motivated and engaged workforce.

To find out more about our commitment to developing and engaging our people, explore the areas below.

We have a clear plan

“Since joining, Unilever has given me the opportunities to realise my full potential. Whether through training, shadowing or experiencing a new working culture, there was always a next step to take to ensure I was growing in my career.”

- Rohit Jawa, Executive Vice President

To help us achieve our vision, our business strategy document ‘the Compass’ sets out a constant and clear path. With our ambition in mind, the Compass defines four crucial commitments. These are: winning with brands and innovation; winning in the market place; winning through continuous improvement; and of course, winning with people. We believe attracting, developing and retaining the right people is crucial to our growth strategy.

We develop strong talent

Across the globe we prioritise the development of our employees. Through continuous improvement assessment initiatives, we design and implement strong programmes to build an agile, diverse and flexible organisation. We also continually work on developing great leaders – and our efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. Our status as an employer of choice is at an all-time high, which has great benefits and helps us to attract, retain and engage talent.

We assess readiness

Our Talent and Organisation Readiness Assessment Programme ensures that our people have the skills they need to manage the business through periods of growth. This approach allows us to assess and improve areas of our organisation and, ultimately, helps us to accelerate growth and success. So from improving our core processes to changing internal structures, we make sure that we have the right talent, skills and capabilities in the right places.

We invest in learning

Nurturing talent is crucial to our growth ambition. We operate in a highly competitive market so it’s crucial that we attract, retain and develop people effectively. In our ever-changing world, skills need updating more rapidly and that’s why our learning strategy must deliver effective education that’s engaging and easy to consume.

We develop leaders

Empowering people to become leaders is critical to our core purpose: making sustainable living commonplace and ensuring Unilever’s long-term growth and success. Our leadership programme, UL2020, is designed to develop leaders with the insight to anticipate the challenges we may face in the future-world of 2020. The programme unlocks innovative new leadership skills and ways of working, while delivering results that help to define our future.

We shape future leaders

Every year, we run the Future Leaders League. This global competition brings students together from around the world and challenges them to run with one of our brands with a sustainability theme. All participants are given the chance to interact with senior management and receive first-hand insights into business and leadership – learning what it’s like to contribute to a business. Our overall aim is to create great future leaders and advocates for sustainable growth.

We believe in employee engagement

It’s important to us that our employees understand our mission and their role within it. Equally, we also want to engage with employees to find out what they believe needs to change to achieve our ambition. Which is why, every year, we run our Global People Survey to measure employee engagement.

We keep it simple

Here at Unilever we simplify work practices and cut out any unnecessary bureaucracy. This helps us to be agile and allows our employees to focus on what inspires them most – building and growing our brands. We believe that this approach to work is critical to driving a culture of inclusion, where everyone can feel inspired to reach their true potential.

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