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People commitment

People commitment

To create a sustainable future and maintain long-term growth, we need to develop new skills, new ways of doing business, and new types of leadership – all of which we believe can be found in a valued, diverse and gender-balanced workforce.

Culture at Unilever

Across our global business, we have implemented a huge number of different initiatives to secure a balanced, agile future for our workforce. Find out more about our different commitments – and what they mean for both our employees and our business – by exploring the areas below.

"Our purpose is clearly communicated and ingrained in everything we do. Creating an environment and culture that revolves around this shared purpose is not only critical to organisational success, it inspires individuals from around the globe to join us in this effort too. The Unilever Sustainable Living Plan is a blueprint for achieving our growth, whilst decoupling our environmental footprint and increasing our positive social impact. The commitment to our purpose brings 169,000+ Unilever colleagues closer together, allowing them to share a common bond that goes much further than your typical working relationship.”
- Leena Nair, Chief HR Officer

We are committed to gender balance

Empowering women is critical to achieving our core purpose – making sustainable living commonplace and ensuring Unilever’s long-term growth and success.

By 2020, we aim to have empowered 5 million women around the world through accessible training, up-skilling and open opportunities. We also want to reach a gender balance at management level. By the end of 2015, women represented 45% of our management and we began 2016 with three women on the Unilever Executive Board. Women also currently account for half of our non-executive Board members.

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We value difference

We continuously strive to foster an environment where every individual not only feels uniquely valued, but feels empowered to bring their best self to work. We offer numerous programmes, tools and support platforms to enable our employees to flourish and grow – such as our global mentoring programme that has already helped to develop our best talent. Why do we do it? Because we believe that when individuals and teams flourish, our business flourishes too.

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We encourage agile working

A flexible approach to work is at the very core of Unilever’s approach to work. Using current technology, workers are encouraged to work anytime, anywhere – as long as business’ needs are being fully met. Flexible working improves collaboration, reduces travel and contributes to the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan. That’s why, at Unilever, an agile worker’s performance is determined by results and not by being present in the office.

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We care about our people's wellbeing

Our people are our greatest assets. We value their contribution and we care about their wellbeing. That’s why we do our best to support people throughout their time with us – especially in different stages of life, like becoming a parent. We believe that the arrival of a new baby is a joyous experience and to support our employees and their line managers during this transition we created MAPS – a maternity and paternity support platform.

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Our awards

Top Employer Awards

All over the world, we are recognised as an employer of choice. We strive to make working with us the best it can be, from agile working, to supporting working parents and caring for our employee’s wellbeing. We focus on our people because they drive our success forward.

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