Our teams

Unilever is the place where you can bring your purpose to life with the work that you do – creating a better business and a better world. You will work on brands that are loved and improve the lives of our consumers and the communities around us. You will lead innovations, big and small, that will make our business win and grow. You will learn from brilliant business leaders and colleagues who provide mentorship and inspiration so that you can become a better you.

Digital Transformation Talent

Digital transformation

To become even more agile as a business, we need to be digitally-enabled. As part of this, we’re accelerating our digital transformation end-to-end to make Unilever more competitive in an increasingly digitised world.


Magnum Ice creams

Unilever’s Marketers are impactful intrapreneurs in sustainable marketing and are increasingly focused on driving performance through brands with purpose; brands which provide a positive change to people and to society.

Customer development

Unilever employees working

We care about our world, and our Customer Development team are a crucial part of decoupling our sustainable growth from our environmental impact.

Supply chain

Employees at Wall's factory

Supply Chain is a key catalyst at the centre of the organisation. The team plays a vital role in getting our goods to customers and consumers; from sourcing raw materials to manufacturing and delivering the end product.


People sitting on benches

At our root, we believe that sustainable business growth is only possible when you bring together the best purpose-led talent, and that is what you will find in our Finance team.

Human resources

HR Employee

A better business, a better world, and a better you. That is what we thrive on, and the innovative and people centric approach of our HR teams make this happen by attracting, developing and retaining the best talent.

Research & development

Research at Unilever

Innovation is at the core of our commitment to growing our business and making a positive impact in the world: more than 6,000 people work within R&D in a variety of purposeful and impactful roles.

Information technology

Group of people gathered outdoors

With more than 169,000 brilliantly different employees across the world, and with a digital presence to be proud of, our success relies on a strong technological infrastructure and top-of-the-range IT products.


Legal conference

From business integrity to innovative patents, from partnership agreements to celebrity marketing contracts - everything that happens at Unilever happens because of the impactful business partnering and counsel provided by our Legal team.

Communications and Corporate Affairs

Three Unilever employees displaying four of the UN sustainable development goals

We are a brilliantly different company with a unique purpose. Our Communications and Corporate Affairs team goes beyond to bring that vision to life.

Unilever food solutions

Cooking happening at Unilever kitchen

Operating in over 70 markets around the world, Unilever Food Solutions is the dedicated foodservice business of Unilever.