PLC share dividend history

Dividend information

Dividend periodDividend per ordinary sharePayment date
Q3 201935.76p4 December 2019
Ex-dividend date: 31 October 2019 
Record date: 1 November 2019  
Q2 201936.82p11 September 2019
Q1 201935.46p5 June 2019
Q4 201833.61p20 March 2019
Q3 201833.93p5 Decemnber 2018
Q2 201834.35p5 September 2018
Q1 201833.41p6 June 2018
Q4 201731.55p21 March 2018
Q3 201731.99p13 December 2017
Q2 201731.83p6 September 2017
Q1 201730.21p7 June 2017
Q4 201627.68p15 March 2017
Q3 201628.90p7 December 2016
Q2 201626.89p7 September 2016
Q1 201625.56p1 June 2016
Q4 201523.00p9 March 2016
Q3 201522.59p9 December 2015
Q2 201521.10p9 September 2015
Q1 201521.80p3 June 2015
Q4 201421.77p11 March 2015
Q3 201422.52p10 December 2014
Q2 201422.53p10 September 2014
Q1 201423.38p11 June 2014 
Q4 201322.22p12 March 2014
Q3 201322.80p11 December 2013
Q2 201323.12p11 September 2013
Q1 201322.91p12 June 2013
Q4 201220.39p13 March 2013
Q3 201219.77p12 December 2012
Q2 201218.92p12 September 2012
Q1 201219.81p13 June 2012
Q4 201118.79p22 March 2012
Q3 201119.24p14 December 2011
Q2 201119.62p14 September 2011
Q1 201119.96p15 June 2011
Q4 201017.75p16 March 2011
Q3 2010 18.20p15 December 2010
Q2 2010 17.26p15 September 2010
Q1 201018.03p16 June 2010
Q4 200917.04p17 March 2010

Dividend payments are paid on a quarterly basis from Q4 2009 in March, June, September and December

Dividend periodDividend per ordinary sharePayment date
Interim for 200924.22p16 December 2009
Final for 200840.19p18 June 2009
Interim for 200820.55p3 December 2008
Final for 200734.11p19 June 2008
Interim for 200717.00p5 December 2007
Final for 200632.04p21 June 2007
Interim and One-off for 2006

33.28p = Total dividend 

Interim dividend = 15.62p

One-off dividend = 17.66p

04 December 2006

Dividend payments following the 2005 Final Dividend take account of the capital restructure, effective on 22 May 2006

Dividend periodDividend per ordinary sharePayment date
Final for 200513.54p12 June 2006
Interim for 20056.77p02 December 2005
Final for 200412.82p13 June 2005
Interim for 20046.33p26 November 2004
Final for 200311.92p14 June 2004
Interim for 20036.16p01 December 2003
Final for 200210.83p09 June 2003
Interim for 20025.21p02 December 2002
Final for 20019.89p10 June 2002
Interim for 20014.65p17 December 2001
Final for 20008.67p21 May 2001
Interim for 20004.40p18 December 2000
Final for 19998.57p22 May 2000
Interim for 19993.93p17 December 1999
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