Unilever N.V. dividend reinvestment

The NV dividend reinvestment plan is a convenient, easy way to build your shareholding in Unilever N.V. by using your cash dividends to buy additional shares. The dividend reinvestment plan (the 'DRIP') is arranged and administered by the ABN AMRO Bank NV. The plan offers shareholders the opportunity to reinvest their net dividends to receive shares rather than their cash entitlement.

Main Features

Your whole cash dividend exclusive of the 15% Withholding Tax which is withheld, is used to buy shares. Your shares will be bought before and delivered on or directly after the dividend payment date. In principle, a DRIP will be offered with respect to each cash dividend payment on Unilever N.V.'s ordinary shares.

Remember that the value of your shares may go down as well as up and you may not get back the full amount of your investment.

Shareholders who are holding their (depositary receipts of) ordinary shares of Unilever N.V. in Euroclear Nederland, through an admitted institution of Euronext Amsterdam can participate in the DRIP.

In order to be eligible for such reinvestment, shareholders must instruct their bank or broker to deliver their dividend rights for reinvestment to ABN AMRO Bank NV. Please note that banks or brokers may or may not operate a default mechanism that automatically elects to reinvest the cash dividend in shares, unless such holder chooses differently. Shareholders are therefore advised to contact their bank or broker to assess if such a default mechanism is in place and to discuss what action they should take.

Tax consequences of participation in the DRIP may vary dependent upon the tax residence of the holder. When in doubt as to tax consequences of participation in the plan, you should consult a tax advisor. Your bank or broker is responsible for providing you an evidence of the amount of Withholding Tax paid for your account.

A selection of frequently asked questions and answers on the DRIP can be found by clicking on the 'FAQs' link on the right hand side. If you have any further questions on the DRIP you are requested to contact your bank or broker or, alternatively, you may contact:

ABN AMRO Bank NV, Equity Capital Markets / Corporate Broking

Tel. +31 20 344 2000


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