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Sustainable Nutrition & Food Supply
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How we’re making planet-friendly food an appetising option for all

Our bold commitments to make healthier and sustainable food affordable to everyone includes growing a €1 billion plant-based business

5minute read time
Good health & well-being
19/11/2020 LLong Read
For World Toilet Day, we asked five leading thinkers what cross-sector action is needed to improve sanitation
Collaborating & innovating for change
17/11/2020 2minute read time
S&P’s Dow Jones Sustainability Index measures over 2,000 companies on their economic, environmental and social performance.
Collaborating & innovating for change
13/11/2020 4minute read time
New in-vitro test results show that mouthwash containing CPC Technology is effective in reducing the viral load of SARS-CoV-2 by 99.9%
Collaborating & innovating for change
13/11/2020 3minute read time
Thanks to global teamwork, our intelligent detergent towers are delivering efficiency, sustainability and savings
Collaborating & innovating for change
12/11/2020 4minute read time
New European Chemicals Agency proposals contradict the EU’s ban on animal testing for cosmetics. We don’t agree that ingredients with a history of safe use and manufacture need further testing on animals. Here Julia Fentem, who leads product safety at Unilever, explains why.
Consuming Sustainably
12/11/2020 4minute read time
Seventh Generation CEO Joey Bergstein shares how transparency and trust help the brand connect with consumers.
Consuming Sustainably
09/11/2020 LLong Read
We’ve transformed how our factories are powered and operate to minimise our environmental impact.
Collaborating & innovating for change
28/10/2020 4minute read time
Last year we pledged to make significant cuts to the amount of virgin plastic in our portfolio. Here’s what we’ve achieved since then – plus our plans to do much more.
Equality For All
16/10/2020 4minute read time
Ending poverty requires action from every part of society. And as a business we have a key role to play.
Climate Action
Good health & well-being
14/10/2020 5minute read time
We’re launching an exciting €30 million initiative to encourage more children to adopt handwashing habits for life.
Sustainable Nutrition & Food Supply
09/10/2020 3minute read time
A new generation of meat-mimicking fast food is ticking all the boxes for flexitarians
Protecting The Natural World
07/10/2020 4minute read time
Unilever’s biggest laundry brand has launched its cleanest and greenest product yet
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