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#Unstereotyping our ads: Why it’s important and where we are so far

@Unilever Proud that Unilever’s @keithweed has been recognised as world's most influential CMO by @Forbes #CannesLions
@Unilever RT @keithweed: A real step forward this morning, taking collective action to #unstereotype advertising with the Unstereotype Alliance. @Uni
@Unilever RT @UN_Women: At #CannesLions, ED @phumzileunwomen calls on industry to eliminate gender stereotypes in advertising
@Unilever .@WPP on #Unstereotype Alliance - ad industry can either reinforce negative stereotypes or empowerment & equality
@Unilever RT @Cannes_Lions: .@Unilever 's Keith Weed announces The #UNSTEREOTYPE Alliance with @UN_Women at #CannesLions
@Unilever Our CMCO @KeithWeed shares the “3 Things Keeping Me Up At Night” at #CannesLions #unstereotype
@Unilever RT @keithweed: Kicking off the morning with @WSJ talking about the digital eco system - viewability, verification and value.
@Unilever RT @Diageo_News: A campaign can challenge stereotypes and contribute to a more tolerant society by using our voice @Cannes_Lions #unstereot
@Unilever Proud to announce the #UNSTEREOTYPE Alliance with @UN_Women to eradicate stereotypes in advertising #CannesLions
@Unilever RT @OgilvyUK: Thrilled to win Silver at #CannesLions with @HellmannsUK @Unilever Food Pioneers! Take a look #Og
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