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Sustainable Nutrition & Food Supply
Three small bowls of ice cream on a table. Next to them are teaspoons with microalgae powder with colours that match the ice cream.
Microalgae partnership marks move to fairer food

Thanks to a new partnership and pioneering technology, microalgae could be the gamechanger in the transition to plant-based eating

3minute read time
Good health & well-being
14/08/2020 4minute read time
Over a century since its launch, the hygiene soap brand returns to the UK. Here’s how it started and where it’s going next.
Protecting The Natural World
13/08/2020 3minute read time
We’re delighted to have topped the GlobeScan-SustainAbility survey for the tenth year in a row
Climate Action
11/08/2020 3minute read time
This year, we’ll be rolling out over 7 million of the tubs across Europe.
Good health & well-being
04/08/2020 4minute read time
The Malassezia fungus is considered a main cause of dandruff but new Unilever research suggests bacteria have a part to play
Collaborating & innovating for change
29/07/2020 3minute read time
The story behind the Dove Self-Esteem Project, and what’s next for Dove’s mission
Good health & well-being
28/07/2020 4minute read time
Unilever South Africa turned hygiene lessons into an online game to keep kids e-learning and handwashing during Covid-19
Collaborating & innovating for change
28/07/2020 2minute read time
A single enzyme could hold the key to the most effective underarm odour control ever created. Here’s how.
Access To Water
24/07/2020 5minute read time
We’re working with two new partners to manage water usage and engage in collective action to achieve water security for all by 2030
Collaborating & innovating for change
16/07/2020 2minute read time
A new film shares how our scientists are pioneering alternatives to animal testing and sharing their work on a global scale
Collaborating & innovating for change
Good health & well-being
15/07/2020 LLong Read
Some examples of how our household care and laundry brands are helping people stay safe and adapt to the new normal
Good health & well-being
14/07/2020 2minute read time
We’re providing products from our hygiene and sanitation brands to help OYO create a cleaner stay for customers
Collaborating & innovating for change
09/07/2020 3minute read time
Unilever’s new state-of-the-art R&D hub in Shanghai is using live-stream data, local insights and AI tools to speed products to market for Chinese consumers
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