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Collaborating & innovating for change
Woman kitchen worker packing food container into a takeaway bag with a chef preparing food in the background.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to cloud kitchens

This concept may be a relatively new addition to the foodservice landscape, but it’s growing fast. Here we explore what cloud kitchens are, how they work and why they are of such interest to Unilever.

5minute read time
Climate Action
05/05/2021 LLong Read
We’re capturing waste CO2 from a factory and turning it into a cleaning ingredient for our OMO detergent.
Collaborating & innovating for change
30/04/2021 4minute read time
Reskilling or upskilling for a new role is often seen as a big leap, but data-driven tools could begin to make it less of a jump than previously imagined.
Equality For All
30/04/2021 5minute read time
Brand petitions against athlete’s ban from defending her title for having natural high-performance testosterone
Equality For All
27/04/2021 2minute read time
Degree is committed to giving millions of people the confidence to move more.
Collaborating & innovating for change
22/04/2021 5minute read time
Stan Sthanunathan, who has spent eight years leading our Consumer Market Insights, shares the lessons he’s learnt
Protecting The Natural World
22/04/2021 LLong Read
Introducing a new approach to farming that aims to ensure the long-term viability and resilience of land
Good health & well-being
21/04/2021 3minute read time
Dove’s new Reverse Selfie campaign aims to stop the damage retouching apps are having on girls’ self-esteem
Collaborating & innovating for change
21/04/2021 LLong Read
Science and partnerships are helping Unilever R&D find solutions to challenges that matter to people and the planet
Collaborating & innovating for change
18/04/2021 4minute read time
Unilever and the UK government public–private hygiene coalition has reached 1 billion people
Climate Action
Collaborating & innovating for change
14/04/2021 5minute read time
In 2020 our homecare factory in Pozzilli, Italy was set for closure. Now it is destined for sustainable success.
Collaborating & innovating for change
13/04/2021 5minute read time
How we’re working with the marketing industry to ensure that data is treated responsibly and ethically
Unilever News
09/04/2021 1minute read time
It is with deep sadness that we learn of the death of His Royal Highness Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh.
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