Unilever Archives app explores company's early heritage

Unilever Archives has launched Unilever’s first corporate history app, Port Sunlight: Walking with William Lever, as part of the year-long celebrations marking the 125 years since William Lever began building his factory at Port Sunlight.

Bringing Unilever's history to life

The app takes users on a tour of Port Sunlight, using a 1914 map from the archive collections. It introduces the history and development of Lever Brothers Ltd and shows how the corporate values of William Lever were built into life in the factory and village.

It also showcases William Lever’s commitment to research and quality in his products, as well as some of his innovative and unusual marketing initiatives.

Rare film footage, photographs, documents and objects from the archive collections can be viewed throughout the app and present a unique opportunity to explore Unilever’s early heritage.

Take a tour

A GPS function is built into the app, allowing visitors to Port Sunlight to track their progress on a choice of two tour routes while seeing the village as it is today. All the locations on the app can also be explored remotely through a free-roaming option.

Jeannette Strickland, Head of Art, Archives and Records Management, says: “This is a new and exciting way of making some of our archives available not just within Unilever but also to the general public. People can explore, either in person or from the comfort of their armchair, the village that Lever built for his workers and learn more about him.”

Starting off with soap

Port Sunlight, which is now a major R&D centre for hair, laundry, deodorants and household care, began life as a factory for the production of Sunlight Soap in 1888.

It was built by William Lever, the son of a Lancashire grocer, who decided to specialise in selling individually wrapped bars of household soap. His company, Lever Brothers Ltd soon became a worldwide soap producer which laid the foundations for Unilever’s global business.

The Port Sunlight: Walking with William Lever app for iPad and iPhone is now available for free download using a wi-fi connection or iphone and ipad: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/port-sunlight/id700656724?mt=8

The android version is also available to download from Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Unilever.PortSunlight

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