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Collaborating & innovating for change
Enzyme Molecular

What happens when biology meets cloud computing and AI?

They’re naturally derived, low in carbon and with almost limitless, untapped potential. We believe exploring enzymes will help our home care products deliver on their sustainability goals.

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Climate Action
15/07/2021 3minute read time
Alan Jope explains why we’re a Principal Partner of COP26 and committed to a ‘decade of delivery’ on climate action.
Alan Jope
Alan Jope
CEO, Unilever
Alan Jope
Alan Jope
CEO, Unilever
Alan Jope has been CEO of Unilever since May 2019, and was formerly President of our Beauty & Personal Care division.
Consuming Sustainably
09/07/2021 4minute read time
Our oral care brands are on a mission to put planet-friendly innovation at the heart of their operations
Equality For All
02/07/2021 4minute read time
Equal opportunities. Equal respect. Equal empowerment. An equal future. Here’s how we’re redressing the gender balance.
Good health & well-being
25/06/2021 4minute read time
We’re harnessing the natural power of microbes to create sustainable products that bring the body back into balance
Good health & well-being
24/06/2021 4minute read time
Lifebuoy’s latest campaign reminds us that handwashing and mask-wearing remain our best allies against Covid-19.
Climate Action
23/06/2021 4minute read time
Our air purifier brand Blueair is working with sustainability charity Global Action Plan to help make clean air a right for all children – everywhere.
Good health & well-being
22/06/2021 3minute read time
Lifebuoy’s new range is bringing the brand’s market-leading hygiene expertise into a fast-growing consumer space.
Collaborating & innovating for change
21/06/2021 2minute read time
Brand launches sample pack made from 100% recycled aluminium that keeps product fresh and is infinitely recyclable.
Good health & well-being
18/06/2021 5minute read time
We celebrate the invaluable contribution made by refugee volunteers in helping to establish lifesaving hygiene habits.
Climate Action
Collaborating & innovating for change
27/05/2021 2minute read time
The global haircare range is the 24th Unilever beauty brand to be PETA-Approved.
Sustainable Nutrition & Food Supply
27/05/2021 3minute read time
Fungi-based protein adds new sustainable and nutritious ingredient to The Vegetarian Butcher’s portfolio
Unilever News
26/05/2021 4minute read time
With our Unilever Compass, we aim to prove that our purpose-led, future-fit business model delivers superior performance
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