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Magnum celebrates turning 25 with Pleasure Hunt 4

Magnum is inviting its fans around the world to join the ‘Biggest Party on the Internet’ as it launches the fourth instalment of its popular Pleasure Hunt online game series.

Magnum game advertisement

The new version, which celebrates Magnum’s 25th anniversary, introduces ground-breaking multiplayer gameplay, allowing users to interact and play against others around the world.

In Pleasure Hunt 4 players control a lead heroine to move around various partner websites in a style akin to the retro ‘Snake’ game developed for mobile phones. As she hits each gold Magnum balloon that appears on-screen, she adds another character to her conga-line, creating an ever longer tailback which players have to manage as they move around the websites.
Websites featuring in the game include yachting, jewellery, private jet and DJ companies to give fans a further taste of luxury, indulgence and pleasure.

25th birthday celebrations

Camilla Scognamiglio, Assistant Brand Development, Digital & Social Media at Magnum, says: “2014 is a very special year for Magnum and, as we gear up to celebrate our 25th birthday, we are excited to include and engage our global fans through Pleasure Hunt 4. We can’t wait for people all over the world to join in the fun.”

More than 24 million people have played Pleasure Hunt since it was first launched in 2011 as a tie-in with the brand’s global campaign revamp. The success of its initial outing meant the game was adapted each subsequent year with new scenes and adventures for players to indulge in.

The game has been launched so far in Mexico and Turkey, with a special promo add-on which provides party-goers who successfully complete the game with a coupon to redeem the new 25th birthday limited-edition Magnum at the point of sale.

The game will be then rolled out to the UK, Germany, Greece and Portugal in June.

Find out more about Magnum and play the game.

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