The clever combination behind Closeup Fire-Freeze toothpaste

The heat of aromatic spices meets the most advanced cooling agents in the innovative formula for our most unusual toothpaste.

Boy brushing his teeth

Unilever’s scientists have developed a unique toothpaste which combines a warming sensation that battles bad breath with long-lasting, cooling freshness.

The secret of Closeup Fire-Freeze toothpaste’s revolutionary formula lies in its range of novel ingredients and the expertise of Unilever’s R&D specialists.

The Fire-Freeze sensation

Brushing with the red and blue gel offers an experience quite unlike any other toothpaste.

Fire-Freeze first delivers a mild, warm tingle while it cleans, thanks to chemosensory technology and extracts including eugenol, an oil found in cloves.

The heat then builds from a blend of aromatic spices and wintergreen, also known as methyl salicylate, a plant-derived product with a natural warming ability.

From hot to cold

Next comes an intense hit of icy freshness, a sensation Unilever scientists were determined to make last long after brushing.

The Fire-Freeze formula uses a patented technology – the longest-lasting cooling agent on the market – which offers up to ten times the power of other cooling molecules.

Zinc sulphate, an anti-malodour active which provides up to 12 hours of fresh breath, ensures the cool feeling lasts for hours. And a blend of menthol, peppermint and vanilla adds the finishing touch to the unforgettable flavour.

Effective results

Results indicate that using Closeup Fire-Freeze over four weeks reduces malodour significantly compared to a conventional gel toothpaste.

Closeup Fire-Freeze launched in Brazil, India and the Philippines in 2011.

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