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Cornetto creates teenage love films

Cornetto has created a collection of short films all about the teenage experience of love.

Exploring romance

Two young people enjoy eating Cornetto ice-cream

The collection, known as ‘Cupidity’, explores different experiences of the teenage romance journey in four stand-alone films: X-Phobia, Kismet Diner, Beauty & the Geek and Margot.

Each film is designed to appeal to the romantic nature of teens living in a social online world where anything is possible in love, and encourage them to “enjoy the ride, love the ending”.

They all feature up-and-coming teen actors from around the world and were filmed in London, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Istanbul.

Creative outlet

The series of films also provides the teenage audience with a creative platform for their talent.

X-Phobia was co-written by aspiring teen screenwriter Tess Lowery, 19. The film, which was shot in Los Angeles, depicts her personal interpretation of love based on her own experiences.

Tess says: “It’s been a dream come true to work with Cornetto on X-Phobia. It’s been a really fun and interesting journey, writing about my own experiences of the ups and downs of love, as I know personally how much these journeys can affect you. It’s been so inspiring to see that one tiny little idea could become something so wonderful!”

Global fans

The collection has been successfully piloted in Turkey with 16 million views so far, and has now been launched in the UK, China, Spain, and Mexico. It will also be rolled out in Brazil, Portugal, Greece, Indonesia, Australia, Russia and the Philippines later in 2013.

Benjamin Curtis, Senior Brand Development Manager, Cornetto Global, says: “We wanted to do something different that really engages our fans with content that is close to their heart.

“The ‘Cupidity’ collection brings to life the journey of love in the various forms it takes for teens today, and brings our audience a real-life example of our new identity, which encourages teens to interact and engage with the brand. We’re thrilled with the result.”

Watch the films and find out more about Cornetto.

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