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Discover the truth about margarine

Unilever has launched a new interactive website addressing all the hot topics and commonly asked questions around margarine.

Getting more from Margarine

Tub of Flora margerine

The Enjoy Margarine Everyday site features information on key ingredients in margarine and its health benefits along with quirky facts from around the world.

For example, did you know that margarine can contain just five ingredients? Or that it’s been around for 144 years?

Elsewhere on the site you’ll find a wide selection of tasty ways to cook with margarine including making your own spread, three life-changing margarine recipes and how to perfect your margarine on toast ritual.

Bursting the margarine myths

Myth buster Dom Bailey and his beautiful bovine co-host Daisy also feature in a series of videos explaining why, contrary to popular belief, margarine is not actually one molecule away from plastic and the real reason why ants won’t eat margarine when it’s left outside.

You can comment on stories and ask any questions you may have about margarine that haven’t been covered.

Kevin McNair, Vice President, Spreads, says: ‘Until now, information available online about margarine has often been conflicting and sometimes misleading. This new site helps to make correct, fact-based information readily available so that consumers can find out the truth about margarine.’

Visit the Enjoy Margarine Everyday site and find out the truth about margarine.

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