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Families drive global movement for greener living

Project Sunlight (renamed Unilever brightFuture in April 2015) has created a movement for positive change over the past nine months, with people around the world contributing to more than 100 million Acts of Sunlight – actions which contribute towards a better future for all.

Inspiring action

Now Project Sunlight is stepping up a gear through the Sunlight Living Challenge, which aims to inspire millions more people to take their own small steps to live sustainably while enjoying life.

Whether it’s viewing and sharing with friends an inspiring film, boosting the self esteem of young women, making a donation to a food bank, these small actions can add up to make a big difference.

Fun for the family

Launched in the US, UK, India, Indonesia and Brazil earlier this year, the Challenge supports families as they start their sustainable living journey and empowers them to become advocates of a brighter future for all.

In India, TV star Mini Mathur has been testing ten young ‘water saviours’ and their families on their water knowledge. The kids’ creative answers not only showed how passionate they are about creating a better future but also helped to educate their parents.

Khushi Sethi, nine, said that if she became ‘Water President of the world’, she’d not only harvest rainwater from people’s roofs, she’d also send her team to people’s houses to check taps were turned off! At the end of the campaign, the most responsible family will win the ‘Water Champions Award’ and a prize. Find out more about the Challenge.

Over in Indonesia, 50 families across five cities are joining in different challenges, from sorting rubbish and preparing healthy meals to adopting more hygienic habits in handwashing and teeth cleaning. The families are then sharing what they learn to help fuel the movement for change.

Taking up the challenge

In Brazil, families are watching their ‘waste-lines’ by finding out how to reduce their household waste through recycling, reusing and making nutritious meals out of their leftovers. They will be posting videos to Unilever’s Brazil Facebook page to chart their progress.

The UK’s Live Better Challenge, run in conjunction with the Guardian news outlet, is in full swing with a strong following of families and schools up and down the country. This month’s Live Better Challenge is to take just four-minute showers. There’s also a school competition with a £5,000 award to make the best sustainability project idea come to life. See how our UK families are getting on.

Supporting small steps to a greener future

Finally, Macaroni Kid is a US website dedicated to family-friendly events and activities. It is supporting Sunlight Living Challenge families every step of the way by providing a range of fun and informative content.

Isabella, one of the stars of the Project Sunlight film, The Way Kids See It, has also built up a loyal following of fans through her Ideas Book. The book features loads of hints and tips for sustainable living and is inspiring families around the world to help create a brighter future. Find out more about Project Sunlight in the US.

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