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Unilever Hero: Kathleen Dunlop

“We are showing people how this product that we take for granted is being used in a very extraordinary way,” says Kathleen.

Picture of Kathleen Dunlop

Making the everyday extraordinary

The ordinary can become extraordinary in a crisis. When Marketing Director Kathleen Dunlop joined a humanitarian and medical relief mission to Jordan’s largest refugee camp in March, she saw how the healing properties of Vaseline could make a big difference to people living through difficult times.

“We are taking this little tub of Vaseline jelly, and we are showing people how this product that we take for granted in our ordinary everyday lives is being used in a very extraordinary way in situations of crisis and disaster,” said Kathleen, who joined a team of dermatologists working with the NGO Direct Relief to help refugees from the Syrian crisis at Zaatari camp.

The team treated more than 1,000 patients with a variety of skin conditions who had no other access to dermatological care. It gave Kathleen the chance to see her work on Vaseline’s social mission programme – The Vaseline Healing Project – making a real impact.

Helping heal the skin of 5 million people

The Vaseline Healing Project aims to help heal the skin of 5 million people by 2020, building the brand equity of Vaseline while making a powerful positive social impact. It had reached 300,000 people through product donations alone within eight months of the programme’s launch.

Thanks to the passion and commitment of Kathleen and her colleagues, the Vaseline Healing Project has built on its work in Jordan with missions to the Philippines and Kenya, with many more planned for 2016.

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