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“I have a vision of making this the best cabinet operation in South Africa,” says Shaamiel

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A journey of transformation

In 2012, Shaamiel Edwards joined our Ola ice cream team in South Africa as Cabinet Operations Manager. Since then, he has transformed the business.

Shaamiel has made sure that every new ice cream cabinet we buy in South Africa is environmentally friendly. So far, 90% of all cabinets installed in the country are ‘green’.

This has reduced the carbon footprint of our cabinet network by 20%.

“We only purchase hydrocarbon refrigerants in our cabinets,” he says. “This has zero impact on the ozone layer and zero impact on global warming.”

Growing sales, creating jobs

Shaamiel implemented a call centre to deal with customer enquiries and developed our own in-house IT systems.

His efforts have been instrumental in us achieving a 15% growth in sales and the creation of 2,500 jobs.

Shaamiel is always driving continuous improvement initiatives and looking to implement global best practices into the South Africa operation.

Team member Krinesh Sewbran says: “Shaamiel’s mind is constantly on doing what is best for the business and his team, as well as our customers and consumers, and the environment.”

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