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Good health & well-being
25/06/2021 4minute read time
We’re harnessing the natural power of microbes to create sustainable products that bring the body back into balance
24/06/2021 4minute read time
Lifebuoy’s latest campaign reminds us that handwashing and mask-wearing remain our best allies against Covid-19.
22/06/2021 3minute read time
Lifebuoy’s new range is bringing the brand’s market-leading hygiene expertise into a fast-growing consumer space.
18/06/2021 5minute read time
We celebrate the invaluable contribution made by refugee volunteers in helping to establish lifesaving hygiene habits.
21/04/2021 3minute read time
Dove’s new Reverse Selfie campaign aims to stop the damage retouching apps are having on girls’ self-esteem
06/04/2021 3minute read time
Programme aims to equip young people with critical life skills such as confidence, teamwork and resilience
19/03/2021 3minute read time
Children are seven times more likely to skip brushing their teeth if a parent does the same.
09/03/2021 4minute read time
Research shows 74% of people want the beauty industry to reflect a broader definition of beauty. We’re taking action.
22/02/2021 3minute read time
Zenzele Sangweni allayed fears and mitigated risk in a Covid crisis
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