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Syria’s growing crisis: support the Unilever Foundation’s emergency response


It's been over two years since violence broke out in Syria, and the civil war continues to devastate millions of lives. The daily struggle for survival grows ever more desperate and humanitarian needs across the country are at a critical level.

Children in Syrian refugee camp, Save the Children

Supporting partner programmes in Syria

Many children in Syria are struggling to find enough food, clean drinking water or adequate sanitation facilities. They are often unable to access any kind of healthcare if they become sick or injured.

At least 2 million people are displaced and the numbers of people escaping into neighbouring countries such as Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey has already reached 1.3 million and continues to rise at an alarming rate. Most refugee families are living in makeshift shelters, derelict buildings or overcrowded camps, amid growing shortages of food, medicine and water. (Reference: Save the Children)

The Unilever Foundation is supporting Save the Children’s work inside Syria and its response to the growing refugee crisis in the region. Save the Children has already reached over 300,000 of the most vulnerable children and their family members in Syria and in surrounding countries.

The Unilever Foundation’s contribution is helping to provide enough good-quality and nutritious food for 5,000 refugee children for a month, together with shelter for 1,050 children and their families who fled Syria with nothing. It is also helping to provide specialist emotional support to 65 children who have been deeply traumatised by the horrors they have witnessed or experienced. Employees around the world are also supporting the crisis by donating to our partners. The Unilever Foundation has committed to match the amount raised by employees.

This support of partner programmes in Syria is part of the Unilever Foundation’s newly adopted integrated emergency response strategy. “In alignment with the Compass objective to increase our positive social impact, the Unilever Foundation has developed a more strategic approach to support our partners on humanitarian response. We are working with them on preparedness, relief and rehabilitation post an emergency. Our support to Syria is part of this approach,” says Paul Polman, Chief Executive Office, Unilever.

Support our partners and donate now

Save the Children is doing everything it takes to deliver food, water, healthcare, shelter and other crucial support to Syria’s children and their families. We have reached over 300,000 people in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq in the last six months, but the number of people affected by this crisis continues to rise at an alarming rate.

Save the Children is working around the clock to reach many more people in desperate need but they can only do this with your help. Your support will be turned into immediate action and together we will give children the help they need. Donate to Save the Children now.

UNICEF is playing a key role in saving children’s lives and meeting their humanitarian needs in Syria and neighbouring countries. As the crisis enters its third year, a whole generation of children stands on the precipice and, without immediate help, risk becoming a ‘lost generation’. We must help those many thousands of children who have experienced profound stress and are currently living in daily fear, and without the basics they need to survive. UNICEF desperately needs more funding to be able to reach out to these children. You can help. Donate to Unicef now.

The World Food Programme – food is an essential requirement of a healthy life, yet millions of Syrians affected by violence do not know where their next meal will come from. WFP is aiming to provide vital emergency food assistance to 2.5 million people inside Syria and 1.2 million Syrian refugees in five neighbouring countries in the coming months. Food vouchers, redeemable in local shops, allow refugees to purchase food of their choice while also supporting local markets. Donate to The World Food Programme now.

Oxfam's staff are on the ground in Lebanon and Jordan, helping refugees desperately in need of emergency assistance. Oxfam is helping families get safe housing and shelter and access to clean water and sanitation. Plans are under way to reach up to 650,000 people. With thousands more people fleeing Syria daily, Oxfam urgently needs more funds to expand its work. You can help. Donate to Oxfam.

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