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Paul Polman delivers Grantham Institute for Climate Change Annual Lecture


It is within our power to eradicate poverty, eliminate disease and create a fairer world. But all that depends on our ability to respond to climate change, CEO Paul Polman said in his address at the Grantham Institute for Climate Change.

Unilever sign in Mexico

Creating a new industrial landscape and a better future

Speaking at Imperial College London, Paul talked about working together – business, governments and civil society – to scale up our collective efforts to tackle climate change.

He said: “Our current collective response to climate change is inadequate and this now threatens businesses, jobs and the economy, both here in the UK and around the world. Not only is tackling climate change consistent with economic growth, but it is only by tackling climate change in a systemic way that we can hope to deliver growth for the global economy.”

Paul believes that it is possible to create the necessary confidence in boardrooms, in parliaments and in investment houses around the world to achieve this aim.

“We must recognise the beginning of the end of the high-carbon era and the birth of a new kind of economy; an economy in which the new businesses of the future, and the forward-thinking ones from the past, will come together to create a new industrial landscape, a new prosperity, and a better future for us all.”

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