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Unilever invites competitors to use emissions-saving compressed deos technology


May 2015: Unilever has invited competitors to adopt its revolutionary compressed deodorant technology in a bid to help the whole deodorant industry cut its aerosol carbon footprint by 25%.

Science behind deos

Sharing compressed innovation so the environment benefits

Our compressed technology uses a re-engineered spray system to enable a new 75ml aerosol can to last as long, and perform as well, as a regular 150ml can, while using only half the gas and 25% less packaging.

More than a decade of research and development by Unilever has gone into ensuring that the resource-saving technology performs as well as regular cans - but we recognise that it will only achieve its maximum environmental benefit if it is adopted by our peers and competitors.

That's why we have offered to share the marketing knowledge which has helped compressed deos reach more than 8 million households throughout Europe in 18 months, and published a 'how to' guide to assist other manufacturers develop their own compressed aerosols. We've also invited peers to call their versions 'compressed' and use the green band design we've pioneered, on their packaging.

Saving enough aluminium to build 10 million bikes

"This technology could not only change the face of our industry, but help protect the long-term health of our planet too," said Alan Palmer, Unilever Vice President of Research and Development for Deodorants.

"There are three billion aerosol deodorants sold every year worldwide. If they were all compressed, we could save 21,000 tonnes of aluminium - enough to build 10 million bicycles!"

"For that to happen, our entire industry needs to move shoppers away from traditional aerosols and help them choose a more sustainable option. Unilever cannot do that alone - which is why we're sharing our technology with the industry."

Game-changing technology used by trusted brands

Consumers have shown that they will embrace the technology. Since it was introduced for brands including Rexona/Sure, Dove, and Lynx/Axe, compressed deos have converted consumers by the million – with more than 50% of UK sales now compressed cans. Brands using the format have won market leadership in France.

Since we launched compressed in Europe in 2013, we have saved 800 tonnes of aluminium.

"This technology could not only change the face of our industry, but help protect the long-term health of our planet too."

Find out more about compressed deodorants

Our compressed deos pages will tell you more about how this new technology has changed aerosol deodorants for the better - and if you're already using compressed, why not let us know what you think with your reviews at or

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