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improving business skills

Improving the business skills of community entrepreneurs

In the Philippines, we have an innovative programme that’s both improving the distribution and sales of our products, and enhancing the livelihoods of community entrepreneurs.

Improving skills

The programme teaches basic business management skills and promotes sustainability to the owners of ‘mom and pop’ stores and Super! Stores. ‘Mom and pop’ – or Kabisig (partner) – stores are small outlets at the heart of local communities in hard-to-reach villages. Super! Stores are small-scale dealers we partner to help make our products available to the Kabisigs.

Kabisig Summits – as these training events are called – bring together the Super! Stores and their Kabisigs to learn skills such as stock control, financial management, sales techniques and customer service. To date, around 21,000 owners have attended a summit. The plan is for 42,000 participants nationwide by the end of the year.

A group of people attending a Kabisig Summit

Promoting sustainability

Kabisig stores have also become hubs in their communities for implementing our sustainable living brand programmes. These include: the ‘Wash, Eat, Brush’ campaign of Skin Cleansing, Knorr and Pepsodent; Knorr’s Supplemental Feeding Programme; our Domex sanitation programme; and the sachet recovery programme from Hair Care and Laundry.

As Jacqueline Jimenez, Distributor Development Group Operations Manager, says: “Every day, Super! Stores help make our brands available in an additional 100,000 Kabisigs. And every day, Filipinos flock to these Kabisigs to buy our brands.

“The summits equip Kabisig owners with skills to help them better manage their business and delight their shoppers. They are also a launch pad for deploying our Sustainable Living Plan in rural communities.”

Enhancing livelihoods

The programme is having a direct and positive impact on store owners across the country. According to Aurora Tejada, who set up her Kabisig in 2013: “A lot of changes happened after I attended the Kabisig Summit. Every Sunday, I keep half my earnings as personal savings and add half to my store’s capital. So far I have saved €343. My husband was so surprised I was able to do it on the small income I get from the store. This is something I am really proud of.”