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Knorr World Food Day

Knorr turns tweets into food bank donations

According to stats from the United Nations Environment Programme, nearly 1.3 billion tonnes of food is thrown away each year, equivalent to roughly one-third of the total amount produced in the world.

Food banks help to address this waste – sharing nutritious food that is perfectly usable with people who desperately need it.

Unilever brand Knorr is marking World Food Day on 16 October by partnering with The Global FoodBanking Network – a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing nutritious food to people in need via its network of local food banks in more than 30 countries.

Last year, its 792 member food banks rescued more than 420 million kilograms of food, which would otherwise have gone to waste. It redirected this food to over 6.8 million people through 27,000 social service organisations.

Knorr’s digital campaign for World Food Day – which kicks off today – uses instantly recognisable emojis, a common language that makes sense to millions of people around the world.

#shareameal image


Until 19 October, anyone who tweets the hashtag #SHAREAMEAL along with one of their favourite meal emojis, will receive a reply with an image of a real-life rendition of their chosen graphic, created by expert food stylists and photographers.

From a single fried egg in a pan to a slice of pizza, a serving of sushi or a steaming bowl of spaghetti, each ‘real-moji’ has been carefully set and shot to closely resemble its cartoon equivalent.

Better still, each time a Twitter user retweets their real-moji pic, a donation worth one meal will be made to The Global FoodBanking Network. The charity will then distribute nutritious food to communities through its food banks.

Reducing waste, improving nutrition

For the third year in a row, Knorr will also celebrate World Food Day by playing its part and donating the value of one million school meals through its global partnership with the World Food Programme (WFP), helping thousands of children benefit from access to the nutrition and education they need to enjoy a bright future.

Cathryn Sleight, Executive Vice President for Unilever’s Global Savoury brands, says: “As a global food brand, we can use our scale to help address important global issues such as food security and nutrition. The #SHAREAMEAL mechanic makes a critical global issue relevant, shareable and topical in the news agenda, and we’re hugely excited about what it can achieve.

“Together with the World Food Programme and The Global FoodBanking Network, Knorr is investing in nutrition, giving more people the opportunity to reach their full potential and creating a community which believes in the importance of nutritious food being accessible to more people.”

Get involved

Tweet #ShareAMeal with a meal emoji and turn it into a real meal donation for a local food charity, part of The Global FoodBanking Network this #WorldFoodDay.

Look out for the real-moji photo reply, retweet it and you’ll either generate an automatic donation if your account is linked to PayPal, or you’ll be directed to a page where you can donate to The Global FoodBanking Network. Don’t forget to spread the word.

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Tweet #SHAREAMEAL along with your favourite meal emoji to support local food banks