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Ladies with water buckets

Meet the employees behind our water-saving work

Water is a vital but increasingly scarce resource. Find out how our people are working to provide it for communities in need, while reducing the amount we use as a business and as consumers.

The theme of this year’s World Water Day was ‘water and jobs’. It recognises both the people who work in water-related sectors and the importance of water to economies – from keeping workforces healthy and productive, to providing the energy and materials that fuel growth.

Water is also essential to our own business. Unilever needs water to ensure a continuous supply of raw materials, to keep our factories running and for consumers to enjoy great results when they wash, clean and cook with our products.

To tackle increasing global water stress, we are taking action across our value chain to encourage good water stewardship in our sourcing and manufacturing operations – and to help people gain access to and enjoy the benefits of clean water, toilets and hygiene.

In doing so, we’re contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal framework which brings together, for the first time, the economic, social and environmental aspects of the water cycle under one overarching ambition: Sustainable water and sanitation access for all (SDG6).

How our employees are taking action

The interviews below showcase some of the incredible work being done by six individuals across Unilever to drive sustainable water use in agriculture and manufacturing, innovate for water-saving devices and products, and help people access safe drinking water and water for sanitation and handwashing.

Meet the employees