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Unilever Hero: Polydoros Lamprakis

“Protecting Unilever’s reputation and controlling our financial exposure was the ultimate goal,” says Polydoros 

Smart thinking

The Greek financial crisis, which had erupted earlier in the year, peaked during June 2015. This forced the government to introduce capital controls.

All the banks were closed for three weeks, creating an unprecedented set of problems.

Running the business without disruption in such hard times is a challenge. But we succeeded thanks to some smart thinking and quick decision-making by Polydoros Lamprakis, who had recently joined the company as Treasury Manager.

As Real Crisanto, Finance Director, Unilever Greece, says: “This was a great team effort but, considering Polydoros had only recently taken up the role, his contribution was huge.”

Protecting our reputation

Polydoros put in place a number of processes, including paying employee salaries and suppliers in cash, and negotiating with banks to transfer money and repay loans to reduce business exposure.

The team ensured that all scheduled payments were still made – despite the fact that banks were closed – using alternative methods such as phone and online banking, and payment orders.

During the whole period, Unilever Greece received no negative reports in the media and no complaints, and maintained an uninterrupted supply of products to customers and consumers.

Polydoros says: “I feel proud to say that, in such extraordinary circumstances, and working together as one team, we succeeded.”