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DERO helps women fulfil their dreams in Romania


Surf is known as DERO in Romania and has been a leading brand in the market for 50 years. DERO created a campaign to help Romanian women to fulfil their dreams so they can have a brighter life. To make this possible, 1% of DERO’s sales go to charities and organisations that support projects which create opportunities for women.

Three women snacking on bread and jam

Creating opportunities for women

Mama Pan is one of the first social enterprises in Romania, supported by DERO. The bakery employs mothers who come from disadvantaged backgrounds and provides them with training and full-time work. DERO also supports Seasons Jar, a long-term development project operating in rural parts of the country, setting up community kitchens where women without qualifications produce compotes and jams to sell for a profit.

DERO aims to improve household conditions in rural areas by donating washing machines and detergent to alleviate the strenuous and time-consuming task of washing clothes by hand, so that women have more time to spend with their families.

Making life brighter

Monica Tamas, Laundry Category Manager for Romania, says: “We are proud that we are able to reward Romanian women with fresh opportunities for a better life. So far, the project has given us the opportunity to meet exceptional women and impressive stories, which motivates us to continue this initiative. DERO will always support women who believe in seizing their opportunities.”

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