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Improving quality of life in rural Pakistan


Manoj is transforming local communities by employing women

Unilever hero 2017 Manoj-Kumar Langhani

Unilever Hero: Manoj-Kumar Langhani

Promoting gender equality

Attitudes in rural Pakistan are traditionally very conservative. A male-dominated society, the prevailing view is that women are unsuited to work. As a Hindu, Manoj grew up in a minority community in the region – witnessing the struggles of those who are marginalised.

Fast forward to today, and Manoj is determined to make a difference. As an Area Manager for Unilever, he oversees 300 villages and has made it his mission to help build a more inclusive society across this territory. So far, he has employed 48 women within our retail network – training them to give product demonstrations and act as brand ambassadors within their villages.

The initiative has also translated into business success, unlocking growth in one of the lowest-income geographies, by connecting the right brands with the needs of the community. Manoj’s territory is the only one where each of the rural teams has seen strong double-digit growth in sales.

Improving quality of life

By enabling these women to earn a livelihood, Manoj has improved the quality of life for 2,500 people across their extended families and helped to change attitudes within rural society.

Looking beyond gender equality, Manoj has also promoted religious inclusivity and broadened the world view of his local communities, by celebrating festivals such as Easter (Christian) and Holi (Hindu), and events such as Mother’s Day.

Manoj says: “Inclusivity is a precursor to success. As a leader, I’m driving a shared purpose within the team as a means of achieving greater results.”

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