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Cleaning up the environment with biodiesel


Mircko is reducing the impact of our transport operation in Bolivia

Mircko Rojas

Unilever Hero: Mircko Rojas

Safer for the environment

Regular diesel contains gasses such as sulphur and nitrogen that contribute to global warming. In Latin America, 312 million tonnes of CO2 are produced annually by diesel vehicles alone.

In Bolivia, there was no awareness of biodiesel, which is safer for the environment. Mircko saw this as an opportunity and decided to find a way of incorporating this cleaner fuel – which is produced from waste vegetable oil – into our truck fleet which transports Unilever products to customers and between our distribution centres throughout the country.

Change is a necessity

Mircko worked with different specialists, held training sessions and organised visits to educate interested parties on the benefits. “This is something we all have to do, individually and as an organisation,” says Mircko. “We have to make a change so we can help our environment. It’s a need. It’s not an option anymore.”

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