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Showing resilience in a challenging environment


Oscar and Yumar are helping to keep our business running smoothly

Oscar Infante & Yumar Carrera

Unilever Heroes: Oscar Infante & Yumar Carrera

Overcoming adversity

The usual trials and tribulations of day-to-day business life pale in comparison to what our employees in Venezuela have to contend with. Severe economic depression and political instability in the region create ongoing difficulties for both the business and our people. Riots, looting, and a chronic shortage of goods and materials impact our operation and their livelihoods.

In the face of these challenges, Finance Manager Oscar Infante and Supply Chain Manager Yumar Carrera were determined to help keep our manufacturing, distribution and sales operations running as smoothly as possible. With personal safety the priority, they have gone above and beyond their day jobs to protect the business and its employees.

For example, they developed a communications system using motorcycles along delivery routes to gather intelligence on the situation on the streets. A decision can then be taken on whether to travel. The information also allows them to move trucks – filled with goods ready for distribution – nearer to the point of dispatch during the night, to avoid being delayed by protests.

Shared purpose

Despite the chaos around them, Oscar and Yumar have built a motivated and resilient team, that works together to operate effectively and safely – and to grow the business. “In a country where achieving many basic things is more difficult than in any other place, we need to inspire the entire organisation to go for more,” says Oscar. “We must continue creating value, not only for our employees, but also for Venezuela.”

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