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Through our eyes: Winning images from our employee photography competition

Earlier this year, we launched our first-ever global employee photography competition where we asked employees to show us, through their photos, what matters most to them.

We’ve come a long way since we launched our Unilever Sustainable Living Plan (USLP) in 2010. Working in partnership with other businesses, governments and NGOs, we’ve strived to make a real difference in the world, but we know we have a long way to go yet. We don’t have all the answers.

One of the driving forces behind our USLP has been our employees who bring it to life every day. So, who better to help us continue to shape the plan and the future of our business? With this in mind, we launched the USLP: Through your eyes photography competition to give our people the opportunity to show us the issues that matter most to them.

Some 998 colleagues from 58 countries entered the competition, and a grand total of 9,414 photographs were submitted.

There were seven categories for employees to enter, all shaped around the themes and issues that matter most to the business and are in line with our commitment to help realise the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

Speaking about the competition, judge Rakiz Farooq, Finance Partner, Ice Cream & Rural, Pakistan, adds: “It was great to see so many fabulous photos – the scale of participation was incredible. These are not only amazing pictures, they were taken by our people, our employees. They have shared their world and vision of the future with us – that’s really moving."

Meet our employees and their incredible winning images.

Feature image - Photo comp winner

1. Competition and category winner: Zero food and packaging waste

Feature image - Photo comp: Access to water

2. Category winner: Access to water

Feature image - Photo comp climate change

3. Category winner: Action on climate change

Feature image - Photo comp: food

4. Category winner: Affordable, nutritious, sustainably sourced food

Feature image - Photo comp: Health

5. Category winner: Health, hygiene and nutrition

Feature image - Photo comp: Natural world

6. Category winner: Protecting the natural world

Feature image - Photo comp: open

7. Category winner: USLP open category