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Introducing the good stuff: conditioners too good to rinse off


Unilever has just launched a disruptive brand that’s designed to give consumers in the US a new way to meet their hair needs while decreasing their ecological footprint.

the good stuff

The good stuff is a premium brand that challenges the status quo of the conditioner market. Its no-rinse, weightless conditioners are made to nourish all hair types all day long. The ethos is that you wouldn’t rinse off the moisturiser that cares for your skin. So why wash away the conditioner that’s meant to care for your hair?

The range comprises six no-rinse conditioners that are customised in format and texture to address multiple hair types and needs. One universal gentle shampoo completes the collection.

With ingredients too good to rinse off, the formulas are full of active goodness that cares for hair – hence the name the good stuff. In fact, the whole brand is designed to help consumers do the good thing by choosing 100% recycled and recyclable bottles, and vegan-certified formulas, free from dyes and parabens, without compromising on efficacy.

Realising that only 58% of women in the US use a conditioner every week, 95% of conditioner ends up washed down the drain, and most conditioners on the market have the same standard creamy formula, the small team behind the brand saw a huge opportunity to introduce a new hair care concept.

“We’ve created a disruptive yet simple hair care solution, rather than conforming to what has been done for years,” says Global Brand Director Jopa Malantic.

Saving time and water

At the heart of the good stuff is a call to be more conscious about the way we consume.

Not only do these clever conditioners keep hair looking and feeling great, but the good stuff’s no-rinse formulas also save on average 99 seconds per shower. It’s a move that could save 460 litres of water per bottle of no-rinse conditioner – equivalent to the typical amount of water a person would drink over seven months.

In fact, if every woman in California switched to a no-rinse conditioner for a year, it could save 17 billion litres of water – enough to fill 6,800 Olympic swimming pools.

Join the #RethinkTheRinse movement

The good stuff is now available to buy in stores across the US.

A range of 'the good stuff' products
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