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Plant-based, planet-friendly recipes: download our FREE cookbook!


From cactus to kale, parsley roots to pumpkin flowers – why not try out some new recipes that are nutritious for you, healthy for our planet and delicious to eat?

Knorr beans

A year ago, our Knorr brand and WWF-UK published the Future 50 Foods report and challenged the world to diversify its diet.

The reason was simple. Reports show that our lack of dietary diversity damages our health and that of the planet.

Reliance on a small number of plant and animal species makes it increasingly difficult to get the minerals and vitamins we need – leading to approximately 2 billion people suffering with micronutrient deficiencies worldwide (WHO).

Intensive monocrop farming depletes the soil and requires greater use of pesticides and fertilisers, while continued over-dependence on meat protein contributes to a rise in greenhouse gases.

Together with the resulting loss of the world’s plant and animal biodiversity, these factors effectively mean our global food system causes more environmental damage than energy or transport (WWF).

By providing a list of nutritious plant-based foods that we could all be eating more of, the Future 50 Foods report offers a practical way of making sustainable change.

And now, Knorr has also released a cookbook – helping you to more easily adopt a plant-based, planet-friendly diet.

And the best thing is… it’s free!

Download the Knorr Future 50 Food cookbook here

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