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Annual General Meetings (re-)elections and Board Committee Memberships


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Unilever today announced that the following Directors will offer themselves for re-election at the Annual General Meetings on 15 May 2013: Louise Fresco, Ann Fudge, Charles Golden, Byron Grote, Jean-Marc Huët, Hixonia Nyasulu, Paul Polman, Sir Malcolm Rifkind, Kees Storm, Michael Treschow and Paul Walsh. Sunil Bharti Mittal will not offer himself for re-election at the Annual General Meetings this year.

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Michael Treschow, Chairman of Unilever, said: “I would like to thank Sunil for his contribution as a Non-Executive Director over the last two years. Amongst other things he has brought to Unilever valuable business building experience in developing markets. We understand his decision to leave the Board to concentrate his time more on his responsibilities outside Unilever. He will leave with the good wishes of us all.”

Unilever announced on 5 and 17 December 2012 that it will be proposing that Laura Cha, Mary Ma and John Rishton join the Board as new Non-Executive Directors at the Annual General Meetings on 15 May 2013.

If (re-)elected as Directors at the 2013 Annual General Meetings, the composition of the Board Committees will be as follows:

Audit Committee

Compensation & Management Resources Committee

Corporate Responsibility Committee

Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee

Byron Grote (Chair)

Paul Walsh (Chair)

Louise Fresco (Chair)

Kees Storm (Chair)

Mary Ma

Ann Fudge

Laura Cha

Sir Malcolm Rifkind

Hixonia Nyasulu

Kees Storm

Charles Golden

Michael Treschow

John Rishton

Michael Treschow



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