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Climate action

Harnessing the power of our business and brands to make a net zero world possible

A close up of solar panela with the sun reflecting on it. A hand reaches towards it
Illustration of a worker setting up a solar panel

Regenerative agriculture: what it is and why it matters

It takes around 4 million hectares of land to grow the raw materials used in Unilever products. To ensure they are grown sustainably, we need to support the farmers who supply us as they make the shift to regenerative agriculture. But what does this mean and how will it work?

women hand washing

World-first partnership to pilot near-zero emissions laundry ingredient

Working with partners, our India business is piloting the production of synthetic soda ash – a key ingredient in laundry powder – with a near-zero greenhouse gas footprint. If proved at scale, this innovation could help unlock faster emissions reductions in our supply chain.

A green flag bearing the logo for COP 28 flutters in a clear blue sky.

COP28: Why we’re calling for urgent climate action

The world isn’t reducing emissions quickly enough to meet global targets and avoid climate breakdown. Unilever is calling on governments attending COP28 to urgently increase ambition and accelerate action, so we can go further, faster in the race to net zero.

Wind Turbines That Produce Electricity

Ten ways we’re tackling emissions across our value chain

Innovation and collaboration will be essential for Unilever to reach net zero by 2039. Read on to meet the experts helping to tackle emissions across the business, from sustainable sourcing of our ingredients to changing formulations and optimising manufacturing and distribution.

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