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Climate action

Harnessing the power of our business and brands to make a net zero world possible

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Getting the world’s ‘to do’ list done

Hunger. Poverty. Climate change. Inequality. How do you even begin to try to solve problems like these? A new global campaign suggests the best way to start might lie in writing the trusty ‘to do’ list

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Woman smallholder laughs while talking to surveyor during Unilever palm plantation mapping project

Building inclusive, deforestation-free palm oil supply chains

We’re working to increase supplies of sustainable and deforestation-free palm oil by sourcing directly from producers on the ground. This not only benefits the local environment, it’s also a win for smallholders, independent mills and our own supply chains.

Three people working in the forest planting trees

Leading and delivering on sustainability through our Compass commitments

We’ve set ambitious goals. Climate action to hit net zero, reducing plastic, regenerating agriculture, raising living standards in our value chain. Through our Compass commitments we’re taking action to improve people’s health, protect the planet and build a fairer, inclusive world.

Swetha Stotra Bhashyam, right and Eric Soubeiran left on a brown field backdrop 

“What on Earth does your Climate & Nature Fund do?”

Research shows over 60% of people believe companies’ greatest responsibility is action on climate. For Earth Day, activist and biologist Swetha Stotra Bhashyam asks Eric Soubeiran, MD of our €1bn Climate & Nature Fund, what and how it will deliver.

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We’re making it our business to protect and restore nature

Nature is our global life-support system – we rely on it for everything, from the air we breathe to the ingredients used to make our products . That’s why we are committed to helping protect and restore the natural world.

Illustration of single-walled zigzag carbon nanotubes molecular structure

Flue2Chem: Putting carbon waste to work for net zero

Industry giants in the UK are joining forces in the first-ever cross-sector collaboration aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Flue2Chem project aims to convert industrial waste gases into chemicals that can be used to manufacture superior and more sustainable consumer products.

Illustration of a female truck driver loading products onto a Unilever truck, parked in a busy street.

How we’re driving down our logistics emissions

Our Sustainability Logistics Manager, Laura Realpe, explains how we’re reducing logistics emissions through a mix of increased efficiency, electric vehicles, and sustainably sourced biofuels.

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