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Climate action

Harnessing the power of our business and brands to make a net zero world possible

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Getting the world’s ‘to do’ list done

Hunger. Poverty. Climate change. Inequality. How do you even begin to try to solve problems like these? A new global campaign suggests the best way to start might lie in writing the trusty ‘to do’ list

Average read time: 3 minutes

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UFS chef Audrey Crone laughing with another chef while cooking in a professional kitchen

How UFS chefs are serving up waste-free food solutions

Cutting business waste is just one of the ingredients in Unilever Food Solutions’ recipe for a waste-free future. We spoke to chefs Alex Hall in the UK, Audrey Crone in Ireland and Mary Worthington in South Africa to find out how they’re helping reduce waste and increase profit margins in the process.

Average read time: 6 minutes

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Why investing in sustainable business is good for business

Getting it done was the theme of Climate Week at UNGA in New York. That goal is more pressing than ever. To hit net zero by 2050, climate economists say the world needs to invest 2–3%* of GDP each year. It’s a big ask, but the world could experience -10% off GDP if we don’t.

Average read time: 6 minutes

An illustration of two farmers in the field with wind turbines and the sun behind them.

Helping suppliers count and cut carbon

We must work together with our suppliers to tackle their greenhouse gas emissions in order to bring our own to net zero. Stella Constantatos, Senior Manager in our Business Operations Sustainability team, explains why.

Average read time: 7 minutes

An illustration of a woman in a factory, monitoring the production line.

Reducing emissions from our factories

From heat pumps to renewables, Lewis Rae, Unilever’s Safety, Health, and Environment Capabilities Manager for Air Emissions, explains how we’re decarbonising our operations.

Average read time: 6 minutes

Plate of food in the foreground with a jar of Hellmann’s vegan mayonnaise in the background.

Six ways we’re creating impact with our innovations

Our focus on driving bigger, better and more impactful innovation delivered over €1 billion of incremental turnover in 2021, double the delivery in 2020. Here are just a few examples of our innovation in action.

Average read time: 1 minute

Côte d’Ivoire smallholder cocoa farmer breaking up harvested cocoa pods to extract the beans.

Helping smallholder cocoa farmers in Côte d’Ivoire secure land rights

In Côte d'Ivoire, we’re in a partnership that supports cocoa smallholders to gain security of tenure on their land. This is helping to improve their livelihoods, protect the environment and ensure a sustainable source of cocoa for our business.

Average read time: 3 minutes

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