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Positive nutrition

Empowering people to choose more nutritious, sustainable food that is easy and tasty too

Woman browsing the fruit and veg in a supermarket

Five trends that will take plant-based eating mainstream in 2023

Nutrition Strategy Director, Maxim Yermolayev and Ice Cream Innovation Lead, Fatma Tek share their expert insights into five consumer behaviours and food trends that will see more people making plant-based eating part of their daily diet in 2023.

Illustration of two people, the man cooking and the woman holding a shopping bag and eating an apple

Regenerative agriculture: what it is and why it matters

It takes around 4 million hectares of land to grow the raw materials used in Unilever products. To ensure they are grown sustainably, we need to support the farmers who supply us as they make the shift to regenerative agriculture. But what does this mean and how will it work?

A green flag bearing the logo for COP 28 flutters in a clear blue sky.

COP28: Why we’re calling for urgent climate action

The world isn’t reducing emissions quickly enough to meet global targets and avoid climate breakdown. Unilever is calling on governments attending COP28 to urgently increase ambition and accelerate action, so we can go further, faster in the race to net zero.

A pack of Unilever noodles on the production line at the Poznan factory

Noodle power: Investment boosts noodle production at Poznan factory

Research indicates consumer appetite for instant noodles is rising. A €19.4 million investment at Unilever’s Poznan factory in Poland is ensuring the business is prepped to feed this increased demand, thanks to fully automated lines that will boost production and efficiency.

Doner Kebab Lifestyle with Chef

New partnership takes plant-based kebab mainstream

A new partnership from The Düzgün Group – a döner producer – and The Vegetarian Butcher is set to disrupt the kebab market with the European launch of its plant-based meat skewer that has the taste and texture of its animal meat counterpart, and can be handled in exactly the same way.

A Chicken & Mushroom Pot Noodle in a paper pot stands on a kitchen counter next to a kettle and a fork.

Pot Noodle trials new paper-based packaging in the UK

Pot Noodle is trialling a change in the way it makes its famous pots, moving from plastic to paper. This new design marks the biggest innovation in its packaging since the brand launched over 40 years ago.

A woman on a beach pours Liquid I.V. powder into a bottle of water to prepare a drink

How our €1 billion+ Health & Wellbeing business keeps growing

Unilever’s Health & Wellbeing Collective just reported its ninth consecutive quarter of double-digit growth in our latest financial results. We caught up with its CEO, Jostein Solheim, to find out what’s behind this booming business – and what’s next.

Woman smallholder laughs while talking to surveyor during Unilever palm plantation mapping project

Building inclusive, deforestation-free palm oil supply chains

We’re working to increase supplies of sustainable and deforestation-free palm oil by sourcing directly from producers on the ground. This not only benefits the local environment, it’s also a win for smallholders, independent mills and our own supply chains.

A chef consulting his phone in a professional kitchen while another chef works  in the background

How Unilever Food Solutions fast-tracked its Covid comeback

In 2020, Unilever Food Solutions lost 70% of its business overnight as the pandemic forced restaurants around the world to close. Three years later, the business is enjoying double-digit growth and has overtaken pre-pandemic volumes. We take a look at how UFS has come out better and stronger.

A stand at Gulfood exhibition with shelves of food and branded posters

How Unilever International is serving up a taste of home

Unilever International’s first Diaspora stand at Gulfood, the world’s biggest food exhibition, clearly hit a sweet spot this year, unlocking new channels to market for Unilever’s beloved local food brands. We take a look at how Unilever International is feeding a market hungry for the foods they grew up with.

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