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Positive nutrition

Empowering people to choose more nutritious, sustainable food that is easy and tasty too

Women chef in industrial kitchen creating and serving a plant-based dish

Nourishing the future: innovations to grow the plant-based market

Going plant-based makes sense – for our health and the planet – and it’s a growing market. Find out how we’re using cutting-edge food technology to develop textures and flavours that meat- and dairy-lovers enjoy and put more plant-based options onto mainstream menus

Average read time: 6 minutes

Illustration of two people, the man cooking and the woman holding a shopping bag and eating an apple
Image of Lost the Pot Chicken Noodles displayed on a pedestal with a banner in the background saying ‘Hall of Crap’

Snack brand relaunch uses consumer feedback in brutally honest ads

When the flavours of Pot Noodle’s ‘Lost the Pot’ new block format didn’t hit the mark with consumers, the marketing team decided not just to be honest about their flavour shortfall but to relaunch with a campaign that made the blunt feedback they received part of the messaging.

Average read time: 4 minutes

UFS chef Audrey Crone laughing with another chef while cooking in a professional kitchen

How UFS chefs are serving up waste-free food solutions

Cutting business waste is just one of the ingredients in Unilever Food Solutions’ recipe for a waste-free future. We spoke to chefs Alex Hall in the UK, Audrey Crone in Ireland and Mary Worthington in South Africa to find out how they’re helping reduce waste and increase profit margins in the process.

Average read time: 6 minutes

Three women smiling into the camera eating Cornetto ice creams on a sunny day

How cool! Top ice cream innovations you’ll want to share

Our ice cream brands have been serving treats and smiles to consumers for 100 years. And while the classic vanilla and chocolate combo is still adored across our entire portfolio, today’s ice cream lovers are keen to experiment. Here’s how we create innovations that deliver.

Average read time: 2 minutes

Woman pouring powdered Liquid I.V. electrolyte drink mix from a sachet into a bottle.

Introducing our fast-growing Health & Wellbeing business

With people increasingly turning to vitamins, minerals and supplements for a more holistic approach to their health and wellbeing, we explore why this represents a significant opportunity for Unilever.

Average read time: 5 minutes

Plate of food in the foreground with a jar of Hellmann’s vegan mayonnaise in the background.

Six ways we’re creating impact with our innovations

Our focus on driving bigger, better and more impactful innovation delivered over €1 billion of incremental turnover in 2021, double the delivery in 2020. Here are just a few examples of our innovation in action.

Average read time: 1 minute

Coconut sugar farmer standing in front of a coconut tree.

These small coconut trees are going to be big news

We are introducing a variety of coconut tree and a tech solution for our teams that are set to improve the incomes and livelihoods of smallholder farmers by increasing the productivity of their plantations.

Average read time: 4 minutes

Hands holding potatoes covered in soil.

New tool to help accelerate the transition to regenerative agriculture

With regenerative agriculture transformation and innovation requiring long-term financing, the Unilever Climate & Nature Fund, AXA Climate and Tikehau Capital are coming together to explore the idea of an investment tool that will help accelerate the shift.

Average read time: 4 minutes

Make taste, not waste

Purpose, product and innovation: Hellmann’s recipe for success

What does it take for a billion-euro brand to achieve double-digit growth multiple years in a row? Hellmann’s recipe for success includes a meaningful purpose, pop culture appeal, relevant innovation and, above all, a great-tasting superior product.

Average read time: 6 minutes

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