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Protect & regenerate nature

Working to have a positive impact on the world’s biodiversity and resources

Rocky riverbed in the middle of a green forest in Southeast Asia
Illustration of a man holding a seedling

Regenerative agriculture: what it is and why it matters

It takes around 4 million hectares of land to grow the raw materials used in Unilever products. To ensure they are grown sustainably, we need to support the farmers who supply us as they make the shift to regenerative agriculture. But what does this mean and how will it work?

A green flag bearing the logo for COP 28 flutters in a clear blue sky.

COP28: Why we’re calling for urgent climate action

The world isn’t reducing emissions quickly enough to meet global targets and avoid climate breakdown. Unilever is calling on governments attending COP28 to urgently increase ambition and accelerate action, so we can go further, faster in the race to net zero.

An image of a boat from above, loaded with shipping containers, sailing on open water.

How we’re helping to turn the tide on shipping emissions

The global shipping industry accounts for about 2% of global CO2 emissions. Director of International Logistics and Decarbonisation, Sundarrajan Bhyravan explains how reducing shipping emissions is good for business and planet.

A young girl with black hair tied in bunches gazes at a small white rabbit.

Ending animal testing: Europe commits to accelerating phase-out

1.2 million people signed the Save Cruelty Free Cosmetics European Citizens’ Initiative urging policy-makers to end animal testing. Now the EU Commission has committed to accelerate phasing out animal tests but has failed to uphold its own cosmetics animal testing ban.

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