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Raising living standards and the standard of living

Ensuring that everyone in our value chain receives a living wage and the support to grow

An inclusive cross-section of society
Illustration of a woman working on her tablet
Woman factory worker in protective helmet, mask and coveralls operating a machine via a control panel.

Working to advance respect for human rights every day

We’ve just launched a new policy outlining our commitment to responsible business with respect for human rights as its foundation, particularly in the context of modern-day challenges for society and our planet.

Schoolgirl wading through flood waters with her school bag above her head

Working towards a better, fairer, greener world for all

Climate change is not just an environmental issue, it’s a threat to human rights and deepens inequality by disproportionately affecting people marginalised by poverty. This year, access to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment was recognised as a fundamental human right.

Villagers in Magadgascar using river for drinking water and domestic use

Tackling poverty, now and in the future

Ending poverty requires action from every part of society. And as a business we have a key role to play, from protecting lives in a crisis to using our size and scale to encourage systemic change.

Leatherhead office banner

Nine ways we're making Unilever a more gender-balanced business

In 2010, we set a target of achieving a 50/50 gender balance in managerial roles across Unilever’s global business by the end of 2020. We’re pleased to say we’ve just reached that milestone early. Here’s a closer look at how we got there.

Felipe Resck

On a mission to help create 1 million girl coders

At university Felipe Resck’s IT class of 80 had only seven girls. This gender imbalance in STEM remains. To help tackle it for the next generation, he rolled out ‘iamtheCODE’, an initiative to empower teenage girls.

Protest on streets for equal rights

How to innovate human rights for the next generation

What part should business play in championing human rights? What fresh challenges does the digital economy bring? Marcela Manubens, Unilever’s VP for Integrated Social Sustainability, highlights four areas where innovation is key.

Ibtisam Habib

Employee, influencer and mentor

As a young Muslim woman encountering negative stereotypes, Unilever Hero Ibtisam Habib has confounded expectations

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