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Waste-free world

Transforming the way we use our resources and challenging society’s throwaway culture

Portrait of Arnaud Meysselle
Illustration of a man refilling his Unilever product bottle
UFS chef Audrey Crone laughing with another chef while cooking in a professional kitchen

How UFS chefs are serving up waste-free food solutions

Cutting business waste is just one of the ingredients in Unilever Food Solutions’ recipe for a waste-free future. We spoke to chefs Alex Hall in the UK, Audrey Crone in Ireland and Mary Worthington in South Africa to find out how they’re helping reduce waste and increase profit margins in the process.

Average read time: 6 minutes

Plate of food in the foreground with a jar of Hellmann’s vegan mayonnaise in the background.

Six ways we’re creating impact with our innovations

Our focus on driving bigger, better and more impactful innovation delivered over €1 billion of incremental turnover in 2021, double the delivery in 2020. Here are just a few examples of our innovation in action.

Average read time: 1 minute

Bottles of Dove shampoo, conditioner and body wash in silver pump dispensers on a white tiled bathroom wall.

Unilever International enters deal to make hotel stays more sustainable

Unilever International has forged a partnership with the InterContinental Hotels Group to supply the guest bathrooms in its Hotels & Resorts with larger packs of personal care products in a move that will significantly cut IHG’s single-use plastic footprint.

Average read time: 3 minutes

Make taste, not waste

Purpose, product and innovation: Hellmann’s recipe for success

What does it take for a billion-euro brand to achieve double-digit growth multiple years in a row? Hellmann’s recipe for success includes a meaningful purpose, pop culture appeal, relevant innovation and, above all, a great-tasting superior product.

Average read time: 6 minutes

Little girl and adult helper sorting plastic food packaging for recycling

We’re making the switch to recycled food packaging. Here’s how

Innovations and partnerships have helped us pioneer the use of food-grade recycled plastics in packaging for The Vegetarian Butcher, Magnum and Hellmann’s. But to close the loop on plastic, we need legislative standards that makes recycled plastic in food packs commonplace.

Average read time: 3 minutes

30-foot sculpture ‘Turn off the plastic tap’ by Canadian artist Benjamin von Wong, made with plastic waste from Kibera slums.

World starts work on a plan to fix plastic pollution

After years of advocacy from NGOs, governments and businesses, including Unilever, an agreement has been reached to start negotiations for a global treaty to tackle plastic pollution.

Average read time: 3 minutes

A man holding plastic bottles

Rethinking Plastic Packaging

Using less plastic, keeping it in the loop for longer by using recycled content, finding alternatives to cutting out new plastic completely.

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