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Waste-free world

Transforming the way we use our resources and challenging society’s throwaway culture

30-foot sculpture ‘Turn off the plastic tap’ by Canadian artist Benjamin von Wong, made with plastic waste from Kibera slum.
Illustration of a man refilling his Unilever product bottle
Pablo Costa, Unilever’s Global Head of Packaging, who is responsible for packaging strategy and innovation.

Q&A with Pablo Costa: Unilever’s progress towards our plastic goals

Five years on from the launch of the Global Commitment initiative to help build a circular economy for plastic, two new reports outline its learnings and industry progress. The perfect time to speak to our Head of Packaging about how we’re getting on with our own ambitious goals.

An image of a boat from above, loaded with shipping containers, sailing on open water.

How we’re helping to turn the tide on shipping emissions

The global shipping industry accounts for about 2% of global CO2 emissions. Director of International Logistics and Decarbonisation, Sundarrajan Bhyravan explains how reducing shipping emissions is good for business and planet.

A Chicken & Mushroom Pot Noodle in a paper pot stands on a kitchen counter next to a kettle and a fork.

Pot Noodle trials new paper-based packaging in the UK

Pot Noodle is trialling a change in the way it makes its famous pots, moving from plastic to paper. This new design marks the biggest innovation in its packaging since the brand launched over 40 years ago.

Sculpture titled ‘Turn off the plastic tap’ by artist Benjamin von Wong, made with plastic waste from Nairobi’s Kibera slum.

A UN treaty on plastic pollution moves another step closer

Next week in Paris, negotiations on a UN treaty on plastic pollution continue. But why are these talks so pivotal? And what is Unilever – as part of the Business Coalition for a Global Plastics Treaty – asking governments to consider?

Hanneke Faber with UFS chefs Alex Hall and Igor Zago

Meet the leader: Hanneke Faber

In the first of our head-to-head interviews with members of the Unilever Leadership Executive, we speak with Hanneke Faber, President of Nutrition. From growing the business to advocating for sustainable food systems, discover her menu for change.

A smiling woman holds her child as she stands at her front door and accepts a parcel from Too Good To Go.

Delivering door-to-door to help fight food waste

No one likes throwing away good food. Our latest pilot with the Too Good To Go app allows consumers to have Unilever brands delivered directly to their door, cutting costs and food waste.

An illustration of Sustainable scenarios

With great power comes great opportunity

Big business must use its influence to drive faster action on climate change. Hannah Hislop and Subhi Barakat, Climate Action Global Sustainability Managers at Unilever, explain why.

A man holding plastic bottles

Rethinking Plastic Packaging

Using less plastic, keeping it in the loop for longer by using recycled content, finding alternatives to cutting out new plastic completely.

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