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Our approach

Our purpose is to make sustainable living commonplace.

It’s the foundation for our relationships and how we choose our resources. It shapes the value we create for all our stakeholders. It governs our business model.

Powering our purpose

Every element of our business model is connected: each one is powered by another, and in turn, drives the next. Through this model we work to create sustained value for all our stakeholders, while staying true our purpose.

Consumer insights

Our 36 People Data Centres around the world help us understand what matters to people in real time. This, combined with traditional consumer research, informs our strategy, product development, and marketing.

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Our teams use these insights, plus the best and brightest thinking from specialists outside Unilever, to develop our brands and products as a force for good. In 2020 we spent €800 million on Research and Development.

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We spend €19 billion a year on raw and packaging materials to make our products, and €13 billion on services, including media. We are proud that 67% of our agricultural raw materials are sustainably sourced, and that by 2030 everyone who directly provides us goods and services will be paid a living wage.

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Every one of our 290+ factories is powered by 100% renewable electricity and sends zero non-hazardous waste to landfill. We also work with over 700 third party manufacturers.

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A network of over 400 warehouses delivers our products to millions of sales outlets across 190 countries.

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As the second-largest advertiser in the world it’s our ambition to build unmissable brands like Knorr, Dirt is Good and Dove; all brands with a mission to do good.

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As well as a growing e-commerce business, our brands are available in 25 million retail sales outlets. By 2025 we will help five million small and medium sized retailers grow, by enabling access to finance, skills and technology.

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Consumer use

Every day 2.5 billion people use our products all over the world: that’s 2.5 billion ways to get closer to making sustainable living commonplace.

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Everything we do helps us create value for all our stakeholders

We have six groups of stakeholders, each one as important as the next. The way we do business creates value for them all.

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Our people

When we take care of our people, our people take care of the business. We want our people to be the best they can be at Unilever; rewarding them fairly for the work they do, whilst helping them to find their purpose.

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Our consumers

Our consumers want superior-quality products, from innovative brands with purpose, which take action on the issues that matter. That’s why we do it.

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Our customers

We partner with global eCommerce marketplaces through to small family-owned stores, to grow our business and theirs.

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Our suppliers and business partners

We work with thousands of suppliers to drive innovation across our products and support mutual and sustainable growth.

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Our planet & society

We want to improve the health of the planet while contributing to a more socially inclusive world.

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Our shareholders

We aim to deliver consistent, competitive, profitable and responsible growth.

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