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Climate action Taking a stand

We’re taking urgent action across our business – and beyond – as our planet is in crisis.

This issue relates to the following Sustainable Development Goals

  • Responsible consumption and production
  • Climate action

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The fight for a liveable planet will be won – or lost – this decade.

The climate crisis is already affecting people all over the world. Devastating wildfires, floods, droughts and other extreme weather events are increasingly common. Ecological destruction is wreaking havoc on nature and people’s livelihoods.

But we believe in a better future. One in which the health of the planet is as important as the stability of the global economy.

Boy holding placard protesting about climate change

The time to act is now

We must follow the science. And the science is absolutely clear: act now or it will be too late. Global temperatures are on course to increase by over 4°C since pre-industrial levels by the end of this century. That’s not a world we want to live in – no one does.

We’ve set ambitious science-based targets to play our part in keeping global temperature rises to 1.5°C. We’re working to eliminate carbon emissions from our own operations and to reach net zero emissions from all our products by 2039 – from the sourcing of the materials we use, up to the point of sale of our products in the store.

Changing hearts, minds and systems

Today’s levels of consumption of products across the world has a huge environmental impact and greenhouse gas footprint. We connect with 2.5 billion consumers who use our products every day. Two thirds of our greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint is from consumer use and we take responsibility for reducing our impact. But it’s also an enormous opportunity to drive change.

Consumer concern about climate change is at an all-time high. Our brands are dramatically rethinking what they do to respond to consumer concerns, and to build brand loyalty too. That’s why we’re finding new lower carbon ingredients, reformulating our products to offer plant-based alternatives like vegan foods and fossil-fuel-free cleaning products.

We’re harnessing our power as a consumer goods giant to encourage change well beyond our business. One of our goals is to halve our GHG impact per consumer use, such as doing a load of laundry. Our brands are working to make it easier for consumers to make sustainable choices. And we’re calling on governments, businesses and other partners to raise their ambitions and join the race to zero emissions. We’re also advocating for a global transition to renewable energy, that will in turn help to reduce consumers’ climate impact at home.

We believe nothing is more powerful than demonstrating that we can decarbonise our business and remain profitable.