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Raise living standards

Millions of people depend on Unilever to earn a living. We’re working to ensure that prosperity is shared more fairly.

This issue relates to the following Sustainable Development Goals

  • No poverty
  • Decent work and economic growth
  • Reduced inequalities

Fairer wages. Fairer access. A fairer world.

Low wages and lack of opportunity hold people back – and they undermine the drive for inclusion, fairness and respect for human rights. That has to change.

People deserve a fairer share of the value they help create. They deserve a living wage or income, and a decent standard of living. And small and medium-sized enterprises deserve fair access to opportunities – and to the skills, finance and technology they need to unlock them.

And because living wages and fairer access to opportunity help break the cycle of poverty, we're convinced they'll also unlock growth.

We're determined to raise living standards throughout our value chain.

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