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Man ciclying in mountain roads

Add your climate pledge and keep us pedalling to COP26

The problem

On October 31st, the world’s leaders are meeting in Glasgow to discuss the most pressing climate issues.

It’s a crucial moment for everyone – global leaders, politicians, businesses and civilians – to come together and do what they can to make a difference to the climate crisis.

What we can do about it

To raise awareness about the importance of COP26, a handful of brave Unilever employees are cycling from London all the way to the climate summit in Glasgow.

But there’s a twist. Instead of asking for donations, they’re asking you to pledge climate action to show your support.

Some of the team are cyclists and some aren't. By pledging to change your everyday behaviour you’ll be giving them the encouragement they need to keep pedalling. Not only that, but you’ll be making our world a better place at the same time.

From switching off the tap while brushing your teeth to cutting out meat once a week, there are over 60 climate actions for you to choose from. Some are easy; others take a bit more effort, but each one helps our environment, health or wellbeing.

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