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Jar of Hellmann’s vegan mayo on a chopping board. Next to it is a seeded sandwich with salad filing

Are you ready to become a Fridge Night master?

The issue

Did you know, if food waste was a country, it would be the third biggest contributor of greenhouse gases after China and the USA?

We’ve all been in the situation where we spend lots of money on groceries, only to end up throwing good food away. It’s easily done, but with 70% of food waste happening in our own homes, it’s time to make taste – not waste.

What we can do about it

The Fridge Night Mission is a new idea from Hellmann’s to help you use up the left-behind food in your kitchen with the 3+1 approach.

The idea is simple…

  1. Select a base
  2. Use up your fruit and veg
  3. Add a protein

+1 Then finally, add a magic touch!

To help you get started, Hellmann’s have created a Fridge Night E-book, packed with flexible recipes – or flexipes – to inspire you. From a pizza wrap hack to a busy day pasta tray, there’s something to suit every diet and use up anything you have leftover.

Simply download the booklet, then follow the steps to start a regular Fridge Night in your home. And if you’re looking for more helpful ideas on reducing your food waste, check out the Fridge Night app too (available in the UK and US only).

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